Top 5 Signs You're A TRUE Capricorn

if your birthday is between December

21st and January 19th we've got some

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to Ms mojo and today we're counting down

our picks for the top 5 signs you're a

true Capricorn your mouth might be

saying hey we cool but your eyes are

like no we not before we begin we

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videos for this list we're looking at

the most common Capricorn personality

traits so listen up to see if you're

similar to other famous capricorns like

Michelle Obama Kate Middleton and Zooey

Deschanel calm down you don't see Ross

getting all chaotic and twirly every

time they come in number 5 your

level-headed so if your friend jumps off

a cliff you're gonna jump too if you're

in an emergency situation a Capricorn is

the person you want by your side they're

great at staying calm when the going

gets rough and their even-keeled

personality creates a calming presence

for those around them stay calm

are you in my head are you here I'm in

Seoul I was sleeping they're also very


so they would equally make a good

candidate to get stranded on a desert

island with they can get really creative

with the tools that are given to them so

they make great employees in a variety

of industries they also tend to be

workaholics who have a hard time

figuring out their work-life balance but

hey nobody's perfect I have five rules

memorize them rule number one don't

bother sucking up I already hate you

that's not gonna change

number four you're unforgiving

you killed my father prepare to die

speaking of imperfections one of

capricorns more negative traits is the

reluctance to forgive and forget they

are serious grudge holders and can even

have a tendency towards vengefulness

Meryn Trant Tywin Lannister the red

woman because of how loyal they are to

their loved ones they'll even hold

grudges on other people's behalf don't

get on a capricorns bad side because you

might never make it back into their

favour this goes hand in hand with their

proclivity towards stubbornness it's

very hard to change a capricorns mind

once they've made it up so you're

probably best just leaving them be your

friend number three you're not a big

risk taker

oh well nobody home let's go good idea

if you want to go skydiving or BASE

jumping don't invite a Capricorn to go

with you this star sign is much more

comfortable at home in their pajamas

than they are trying new things


they love their routines and if

something forces them to stray from them

well they won't be happy they also tend

to be introverts meaning that their

alone time is really important to them

they're not exactly the life of the

party and definitely take on more of a

Wallflower persona especially in large

groups where they feel out of their

element number two you're good at

adulting I put my thoughts into words

and my words into action Capricorn's may

have their flaws but one thing you can

say about them is that they're great at

having their lives together like family

it's second by three and a half minutes

their workspace is always organized

they're saving for retirement and they

do meal prep on Sundays for the rest of

the week

Capricorn's are on top of every aspect

of their existence from diet and

exercise to their taxes to the

cleanliness of their apartments there's

no fooling you is there they're the

masters of schedules and to-do lists and

will always complete everything they

have to do before letting their hair

down and relaxing whose little ball of

paper is this oh that would be mine see

I wrote a note to myself and then I

realized I didn't need the notes so I

balled it up and now I wish I was dead

number one you're loyal I volunteer as a


Capricorn's can be kind of traditional

and they put values like honor and

loyalty before all else I'm coming with



this star sign makes for amazing friends

and supportive family members because

they'll happily bend over backwards for

the people they love Chiti you'll stand

by my side no matter what right of

course I will

they're hyper dependable and will always

be there to help you move or look over

your resume when you need help they may

not surround themselves with big groups

of people but they keep their loved ones

close and will do anything for them and

that's someone you want on your team I

got this I got this

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