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today I'm going to be talking about

capricorns in bed

alright so just jumping straight into

the video Capricorn's in bed now

capricorns an earth sign and capricorns

are very determined and they're very

caring and they're also providers so

these are the type of people that want

to please you in bed you know they're

the type of people that they want you to

have fun and they want to please you you

know they don't want to just take all

the fun for themselves whether it's a

boy or a girl you know these are type of

people that love to connect with people

that they're close to you know so they

may like to they could have six and be

emotionally detached absolutely any

earth sign can do that just have sex and

it just be six but

Capricorn men or women I noticed that

they would prefer to have sexual

relations with people that they have a

closer bond to you know and so that's

one thing to understand about Capricorn


sex in a bed they don't want to they're

not all that spontaneous they can be

dependent on other elements in their

chart but for the most part they like to

have sex in bed and they like for it to

be romantic you know they like to cuddle

in they like all that stuff

Capricorn's also like to eat food before

or maybe after sex you know just

something that just makes them feel like

whole and home and taken care of

provided for it's secure so that's one

thing to understand about capricorns in

bed Capricorn's in bed honestly that

like I said before in my Capricorn men

and women video they're not very

emotional so they can just have sex just

for the fun of it but I noticed that a

lot of capricorns have a lot of pride so

they're not just gonna

sex with just anybody and yeah they're

not going to just have sex with you just

because even if they did once before

they're gonna be they're going to be

able to know right off the back whether

or not if they want to continue having

sex with you or not but for the most

part they that's why I was saying that

they really like to just connect with

people and then you know have sex with

you but they're not the type of people

that just go around having sex with just

anybody because they're just so they're

they're really always focused on work

and work takes up a majority of their

life their career their school whatever

it is that they're doing that they're

working on takes up a lot of their time

so for them sexes is where they get to

online you know it's where they get to

feel comfortable and where they get to

express themselves maybe and you know

sometimes even for men sex is how they

show emotion so yeah Capricorn men are

definitely providers and they care a lot

about how they are in bed and how they

please you and they care to know that

you're pleased as well so that's one

thing that I really appreciate about

capricorns is because they take their

time they're not in a rush you know

they're very stable they're the type of

people that can hang out with you and

y'all could just be chillin at home but

they won't put off a very sexual vibe or

like they're trying to have sex with you

they'll just chill and it'll eventually

get to that point you know they're not

the type of people that are just they're

not so like always charmed on and stuff

they're their sex appeal is a little bit

more laid-back you know it's a little

bit more they know how to control that

yeah these aren't the type of men that's

like trying to go out and like have sex

with a bunch of different women they're


like that you know they're more

conservative and they more and they care

about who they're having sex with

another thing about Capricorn is in bed

peppercorns in general like to date

people that have money or even if it's a

girl or a boy you know they like to date

people that they know is financially

savvy like they like that because to

them that shows that to them that's sexy

to them you know that you're a hard

worker and going out there and get in

the bag so then that's what turns them

on and they feel like they're doing

themselves a better justice when they

are having sexual relationships with

people that can't provide for them you

know whatever however you want to read

however you want to interpret that so

yeah that's pretty much what I have to

say about capricorns

um you guys aren't the most you guys are

probably the most laid-back when it

comes to sex I would say in the entire

zodiac well you guys are very practical

you don't spread yourselves too thin and

that's one thing that's very valuable

and a lot of people is the ability to

not spread themselves thin and be more

conservative so yeah some people can

find that a little bit lying boring

depending on the energies that they have

they may think you're boring in bed just

because you're not the type of person

that's in a rush all the time to just

get to it you know you'll cuddle you'll

you'll you'll sit and talk you know it's

not a race at all you know it's

definitely not a race is probably like

Sagittarius or Aries you know you know

it's not a race or Aquarius it's just

chill and I really appreciate that so I

think all women do to a certain degree

sometimes you just want just to chill so

yeah that's pretty much what I have for

this video if you guys learned something

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