Cancer Man-10 Things To Know!😱

hey everybody it is your girl hairdo you

will lean to fine come on I see today

with a video all about the cancer man do

you have a cancer man in your life is he

your husband is he your boyfriend

huh maybe you're crushing on a cancer

yeah that's it isn't it

um yeah whatever the case may be maybe

your cancer man yourself and you came

here to hear what I have to say about

the cancer men well stay tuned because I

have ten things that you need to know

about your cancer men be right back okay

you guys welcome back I'm super excited

to do this video I really love cancer

men and I just want to do a little

background you know I have to do my

background on cancer men or any zodiac

sign that I'm talking about so you guys

can have an idea where it all stemmed

from okay cancer is ruled um cancers

ruling planet is the moon the moon the

moon is a very moody moody planet the

moon is a very nurturing planet a very

round planet so the moon is a very it

report is a representation of the wound

you know cancer rules the fourth house

the fourth house is the house of the

mother the house of tradition the health

of the home you know just a little

background cancer ruling element is

water cancer is actually one of

the most powerful water signs of all the

water signs you have Pisces and Scorpio

as well Pisces is like intuitive water

scorpio is mystery it's mysterious water

cancer is intuitive mysterious and

nurturing water which makes cancer a

triple threat so that's why you're so

attracted to the cancer men now with the

moon being the ruling planet of course

you know the moon is like a

representation of the mother the womb

and things of that nature which leads me

to number one cancer men are very in

touch with their feminine side even if

they don't want to be cancer men tend to

have a femininity air about them either

the way they hold their hand maybe it's

the way they talk it could be the way

they walk it's the weight or it could be

the way they take care of themselves you

know or how they keep their homes like a

single cancer man can probably keep his

house more tidier than a woman would

keep ours

I'm just really really um feminine like

you know we just have this or there's so

nurturing and so caring take care of the

baby really well cook very very well

that's one of my other ones but oh well

it's cool but yeah cancers are very in

touch with yeah their feminine side so

yeah some people can sometimes be like

damn why does he act like that or

whatever but you know very in touch with

the feminine side number two for cancers

okay ladies this one please take nose

cancer men are not aggressive

bedroom but they can be they want their

woman to take control cancer don't like

to be the initiator they will be the

initiator if need be but they really

like it when the woman takes control in

the bedroom so ladies don't be sitting

around acting like Loomis Daisy or miss

goody-two-shoes when you're with your

cancer man go ahead and initiate some

lovemaking you am really appreciating

that cancer men appreciate the

aggression in the bedroom

yeah so moving on to number three number

three for cancer man cancer man can be

very very moody there very moody it's

like you can be sitting and having a

great conversation and then this like

thinking of silent or these and when

they do come back it's like a change

mood and like what is wrong with this

guy why is this mood changing so you

definitely have to be very patient when

you're dealing with a cancer men because

they are extremely moody thanks to the

moon that waxes and wanes all the time

so cancer men are very yeah their mood

swings can be a little disturbing for

some people and they don't want to deal

with them but if you really love your

cancer men you can deal with that

because I can almost promise you it's

definitely worth it in the end

yeah moving on I have my nose here

moving on to number four cancer men are

cry babies so yeah don't get mad at me

just like cancer men are crybabies

they're like the tape of people like

type of guys like vacances but it's just

because they feel they're so sensitive

and they just feel things they feel

emotions so strongly it's like when

they're angry or they're

really upset about something they can

actually cry in the midst of an argument

like a girl with you but they're just so

in touch with their feminine side

they're so sensitive

they're so intuitive and they just sold

they're powerful they're so powerful

powerful people tend to cry when they're

angry because they have a wealth of

emotions just just going crazy inside of

them and in order to get that out of

them they either have to physically hit

something or they're going to cry

so cancers are the type of guys who will

probably cry at the drop of a dime

they will probably cry and a sad movie

um yeah they won't be all teary eyed of

course guys try and train themselves to

not show that part of themselves but go

ahead cancers be yourself women

appreciate the type of sensitivity they

really like it they do yeah moving on to

number five you remember when I said

that cancer PEEP cancer guys aren't very

intuitive cancer men are very very

intuitive they are the type of guys who

can actually make they make really great

romantic lovers and partners because

they actually can communicate with their

partner on a mental level like just

connected with them spiritually where

they actually can feel what's going on

with their partner they know how to make

them feel better they can sense when

you're having a bad day they can sense

when you just don't want to be bothered

and then they kinda like operate on

their intuition and that helps the

relationship a lot because they know

when to approach and they when they know

when not to approach they know when to

move in and they know when to draw back

and that is very important in

relationship so cancers make best that's

why cancers make some of the best


so I know why you're here yes you're in

love I'm oh yeah me too I date a cancer

I love him so much

yeah number six cancer men are extremely

extremely stingy yeah they can be very

stingy like they're the type of people

they they want you hmm

how you see it they like protection you

know I think all of them signs that have

a like a shellfish or something I think

they're the only one that are shellfish


yeah the crab they want to make sure

that they are protected the money to

them is protection I'm just having that

type of stability just having money

equals power they always want to say for

a rainy day

they want to be independent they

definitely want to be able to take care

of their own because and have their own

because cancers are very very very

connected to their homes so they always

want to be able to provide home you know

for their family and for themselves so

how do you do that you gotta have money

so they're not gonna give away their

money they're gonna try and build up

their nest egg not give it away so yeah

they can't be stingy at the beginning

but that's only if they're just in a

basic dating type relationship with you

if a cancer men is deeply deeply

invested in you deeply in love with you

you have a man that is going to be able

to support you that's going to want to

support you in every aspect of your life

it doesn't matter if it's with your

career business um just whatever it is

that you venture out to do your cancer

man will definitely support you


and emotionally so yeah they will be

there for you so yeah this is a little

twist when it comes to cancer in their

money now even though they will help you

they're not gonna just like give you a

regular like allowance or anything

unless you guys have some type of

agreement but you know usually it's not

gonna be an allowance it's gonna be like

if you need them they are there they

will support you okay

yeah moving on to number seven cancers

um they love being at home so all of you

ladies who looking at the cancer men and

you want to date them and you know you

wild and you loved being the club's and

you hang party shake your booty all

night every day um no this is not the

guy for you because he's not going to

want that he don't necessarily want a

wild woman or a woman that's always out

and about in the streets I mean of

course you know it depends on other

themes in the chart but I'm talking

about cancer super duper cancers and

that's not what they want they like a

homebody they like a woman that likes to

stay at home you know like to do things

maybe like just walk in the park like

your outings are in the park maybe you

guys go out to the restaurants or to the

movies every once in a while

cool that's nice but just nice walks in

the park where you guys can talk and

just maybe land outside at night on a

blanket looking at the stars or

something like that cancers are like

that they're just like that's really

really deep

they're not like surface type men they

are more they're very spiritual and when

they connect with you they connect like

on like a very high vibration it's not

low is like is a beneath the surface

it's not the surface okay

so yeah they'd like to be at home

so yeah um number eight you guys oh my

god number eight now this is one that is

really difficult for most people is that

cancers are momma boys yes they are

they're like huge momma boys like what

their mom says is like almost like the

law and they'll be like oh yeah

they'll be talking on vehicle yeah I'm

my own person on my own man I do

whatever I want think yeah whatever but

in all actuality they find a way to

accommodate what their mothers want to a

certain extent

now they do I'm some of them they would

do it 100%

some of them 80% and then you have

different ones because of course other

things are influencing their chart but

other factors of course but for the most

part on cancer guys are gonna have a

strong strong connection with their

mother and a lot of times their mothers

are a huge influence on their life a lot

of times their mothers can cause a lot

of conflict in their lives at some point

in time you know until the cancers learn

to you know just create that distance

between him and his mom because you're

not a kid anymore you're you're an adult

that's when they begin to actually start

making their own decisions so yeah I

would say young very young cancer man

starting now is highly influenced by the

mother but as they become older more

evolved they tend to kind of like start

detaching themselves to a certain extent

but they will forever be mama boys so if

you're dating a cancer one today to

cancer please keep in mind he is a

mama's boy

you will definitely have to pass the

bill in order to be a major part of his

life okay let's just keep it movin

cancers aren't awesome

cooks Oh God if you buy to cancer men

they usually can cook really good I mean

it's a natural talent so like if you

actually have one that you know practice

or cook all the time they're probably

gonna be an amazing cook better than you

but however whichever they're usually

really really good they're naturally

good at cooking you know they just have

that I don't know this habit thing

they're just born with that thing so

there's as easily this born with that

thing they can cook they can cook okay

and last but not least

cancers are one of the best letters such

sexual partners in the whole entire

universe yes sex with a cancer is like

hmm sex on the beach mmm sex in the rain

sex in the forest sex all the day long

cancers are amazing when it comes to

some sex

they're very sexual they love sex

they're a beast when it comes to sex

yeah do you notice that I keep saying

sex over and over again yeah cancers are

very sexy men they're insecure why I

don't know because they're usually very

good-looking but they're just very

insecure people but when it comes to sex

they actually become who you think they

are you know that sexual handsome

mysterious beast mm-hmm yeah they tell

you all their secrets in the bedroom not

verbally but physically yeah but yeah so

you know cancers are an amazing amazing

amazing amazing guys um so those were my

10 things about the cancer men so you

tell me yours

what have you what have you noticed

about cancer men that is just so amazing

and just separates them from all the

other astrological signs I would love to

hear from you guys I'm gonna read your

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