21 Secrets of the CANCER Personality ♋

have you ever wondered what it is that

makes the cancer sign tick people born

under the cancer sign can sometimes be

stereotyped as needy and overly

emotional but the truth is they are much

more complex than that and they possess

many unique characteristics that aren't

always apparent the moment that you meet

them here are 21 core traits of the

cancer personality one cancer is

incredibly intuitive and astonishingly

good at reading people they have a

one-of-a-kind sense of intuition that

allows them to observe and pick up on

things that fly right over the heads of

others they are naturally gifted at

reading people and can almost always

tell when someone is acting unusual or

off in some way they should learn to

trust their instincts because more often

than not they're dead on - cancer is an

intense lover they're not the type to

half-ass things when it comes to love

and in a relationship they make for an

incredibly passionate partner being

loved by a cancer is unlike anything

else and it has the power to make a

person feel alive 3 but cancer doesn't

cope well with heartbreak their heart

can be sensitive and when it's broken or

toyed with they can take it pretty rough

they often have a hard time moving on

from a relationship once it is over and

can take a long time before they are

able to fully get back on their feet for

cancer can be extraordinarily generous

at times they have one of the most

giving personalities that you'll ever

come across and it's not uncommon for

them to bestow their friends and family

with massive acts of generosity out of

the blue they don't do it because they

feel they have to they just genuinely

like to put a smile on their loved one's


five cancer is mysterious and hard to

read they have an elusive characteristic

to their personality that can make them

seem like a bit of an enigma at times

they're not the type to give away all of

their secrets right away and they don't

broadcast their every thought and

emotion like some of the other science

might do this can make them hard to read

for those that don't know them well

however it's the same mysterious quality

that also intrigues others and draws

them into the cancers world six cancer

loves affection they like to feel wanted

and have a very tender and sensual side

that thrives on attention from a loved

one they simply can't say no to a bit of


especially when it's coming from the

right person 7 cancer is calm and chill

until they are provoked for the most

part they are easygoing in their

approach to life but that doesn't mean

they will just allow people to walk all

over them when provoked their claws will

come out and they'll be sure to put

someone in their place in the way that

only a cancer can eight cancer can

experience crazy highs and lows

sometimes their mood can seem to change

like the winds when they are up they can

feel amazing but when they're feeling

down their lows can be just as intense

they often try their best to keep things

under control but sometimes their

emotions can overwhelm them 9 cancer is

always there for their friends period

there are very few things that they

value more than their friendships and

they will do just about anything to help

out a buddy they are great listeners and

when someone that they care about hits a

rough patch

they are often willing to drop

everything to lend their support

ten cancer can get sentimental and find

themselves yearning for the past they

have a habit of reminiscing and can get

so caught up in their memories that they

forget to live in the present sometimes

they just find it hard to move on from

things once they are over eleven cancer

craves deeper and warm meaningful

relationships they often find themselves

less interested in fleeting romances and

instead craving the intimacy and

closeness that only comes from a

longer-term commitment they can take

their time to find the right person but

once they do they form an extremely deep

bond and give their relationship

everything they've got 12 cancer loves

to build a comfortable home that they

can call their own

they tend to be homebody types that feel

most at ease when they are in the

comfort of their own home for this

reason they put a lot of time and effort

into creating a cozy home environment

that they can grow old in 13 when cancer

is unhappy they can become distant and

reclusive they have a habit of dealing

with pain by putting up a wall and

retreating into their own world those

closest to them shouldn't take it

personally if the cancer doesn't feel

like talking sometimes they just need

some time and space alone to work

through things 14 cancer doesn't get

along with obnoxious and pushy

personalities they are pretty

open-minded when it comes to people but

if you're obnoxious demanding and think

that you can boss them around then you

better believe that you have another

thing coming cancer is repelled by those

that have no thought for others and they

will be quick to create distance from

anyone that only cares about themselves

15 cancer can be shy and take time to

open up when they don't yet know a

person all that well it

not uncommon for them to be quite

reserved once their trust and friendship

has been earned they can actually become

quite wild but they should be rushed

into opening up just give them time 16

cancer is open minded and endlessly

imaginative they are a dreamer who tends

to be limited by no boundaries when it

comes to their mind they're also

extremely open to new ideas and they

prefer to think deeply about things

rather than simply take everything at

face value 17 cancer can hold on to a

grudge for a seriously long time they

try to treat people as they would like

to be treated but when somebody violates

their trust or wrongs them in some way

that they simply can't forgive they can

hold a grudge for an eternity it's best

to just avoid getting on their bad side

18 cancer is strong-willed and resilient

they might have a reputation for being a

bit on the sensitive side but you should

have mistake that for thinking that they

are weak they are tough creatures who

are more than capable of rolling with

the punches no matter what life throws

their way 19 cancer instinctively

protects their loved ones they always

put their family and loved ones first

and they have a strong natural instinct

to nurture and protect those that they

care about you would be foolish to pick

a fight with one of cancers tribe they

don't take that kind of thing lightly 20

cancers are complicated and they have

many sides to them their personality is

made up of many layers and those born

under this zodiac sign are hard to put

into any one box just when someone

thinks they've got them all figured out

the cancer will go and do something

totally unexpected that nobody saw

coming 21 cancer has a compassionate

heart they have an enormous sense of

empathy and are some of the most

thoughtful and caring people that you

will ever meet they are able to put

themselves in another person's shoes to

really understand where they are coming

from this allows them to relate to

people in a deep and meaningful way

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