Regrind camshaft myth " you grind through the hardness "

good afternoon this John checking in is

doing a quick Facebook video for you

guys actually I'll probably end up

loading this to YouTube there I just got

done having a discussion with the

gentleman I was explaining that when you

regrind a camshaft it doesn't grind it

doesn't grind the hardness out the

hardness goes all the way into the core

and when we regrind a camshaft we don't

cut through that hardness the Internet

has spread that rumor for years and

years and years and it's false see how

these camshafts back here all these

camshafts and all these boxes over here

or bolt camshaft same casting numbers I

do camshafts for a living we grind

kamshev without hardening they don't

need to be reharden so now this guy says

oh my five nine Cummins camshaft is no

good because you guys re grounded so

well who told you it's no good because

we reground it you don't have to

reharden them they're chilled hardened

and they're hard over 250,000 deep on a

stock regrind which we did for that guy

this fifteen to twenty thousand stops it

smells like who told you that well this

guy someone this guy that builds

performance five nines out of Southern

Oregon blah blah blah this then he told

me it's right in a common service manual

that you can tree grind the camshaft I

say oh wait a minute you're listening to

Cummins telling you you can't use the

regrind camshaft so they could sell you

a new one what's going on here it's just

such like I said I'm retiring next year

and it's comical to me anymore that

people believe everything they read or

hear about on the internet and it

constantly snowballs it turns out from a

little bit true to a little bit more or

less true and then more and more and

then it just

constantly snowballs into a completely

fabricated story we do we do

big grinds on these five nine Cummins

camshafts we have three different

profiles we have the obviously to stop

one a stage one stage two and then a

stage three a big huge race grind that

we grind and they don't need to be

hardened the cores are hardened all the

way down into the middle of the court

now this guy this engine builder big

engine five nine Cummins performance

shop in Southern Oregon has not only

soaked this guy to put his engine

together for him because he doesn't know

how to now he's upgraded him and talked

him into reharden inist camshaft for a

couple more hundred dollars very

interesting the way people do business

if I did business as shifty and shady as

these other shops I probably could have

retired ten years ago these guys are

ripping people off because they're not

informed enough to know better

the camshafts do not need to be reharden

listen again I'll say it slow for those

in the back camshafts regrind do not

need to be reharden that's all that was

my public service announcement for the

day and then the guys all heated at me

like I'm like I'm lying I was like dude

does that is that guy get a warranty his

engine assembly he said no I said well

all warranty my parts for a year so

obviously I know what I'm doing and I do

probably 30 to 50 of these a month so I

don't know it's just like I said all

these camshafts back here are gonna be


none of them are gonna be reharden

because reharden reground camshafts is a

myth and myth busted and the story have

a good week