How to hold a Digital SLR Camera like a PRO


hi guys this is Brent male from Brent

male photography comm so today I'm going

to teach you how to hold your digital

SLR camera in the right way so the first

thing we do when you are holding a

camera is you want to balance it or you

want to support it on your left hand so

it's as if you're serving someone some

coffee or or a plate of food to serve it

like this that's how you put your camera

onto your hand so I'll just go from the

side and also you want to stick your

elbow into your ribs so the camera sits

on me on your hand over here the other

thing to do is put the strap around your

head just in case the camera falls off

it won't hit the ground and break so put

your hand like at your left hand like

that like you're serving someone a plate

of food and you you hold your lens in

your hand and that way I can still move

the focus and the zoom rings on the

camera so I can actually go like this

and I can still focus in and then it's

and my camera is supported on my left

hand now my right hand I grab the the

camera grip event like this the hand

grip and I can then control all the

dials and and the shutter release button

so my right hand is actually four it's

more for controlling the camera and the

left hands for supporting the camera so

I'll show you firstly how we do it as a

landscape mode so that that hand is like

this the my elbows dug into my ribs and

my right hand is gripping the hand grip

and I'm controlling the shutter release

and the other dials over here and then

the other part is my eye is touching the

eyepiece from the side it looks like

this so I've got one point of contact

here on my left hand one point of

contact on my right hand and the other

point of contact on my eye depending on

which I you look at I always go with my

left eye so I'll do it this way I'll

show you

left hand supporting the camera and I

can actually turn the zoom ring the

right hand is on the controls and my eye

or my eyebrow is actually touching the

eyepiece and that will have three points

of contact on this camera now if I'm

shooting in portrait mode all I do is I

turn my camera anti-clockwise and the

reason we don't turn a clockwise is this

becomes really difficult if you'd like

this you do it like this

anti-clockwise so my left hand is still

supporting the lens my right hand is

doing all the controls and I can touch

my thumb or part of my hand onto the top

of my head and the camera is touching my

eye over here so that's how you hold it

I can zoom over here and I can control

this the shutter speed up here with my

right hand and my camera is touching my

eye and my elbow is tugging to my ribs

and and that's how you that's basically

how you all the camera make sure strap

is always on you just in case it falls

off sometimes it does that and that's

how you should go back to landscape mode

and shoot like that then I go to

portrait mode if you'd like this and I

can still talk to my subject I can talk

to my subject like this I can see you I

can talk to you I'm gonna psyche and

talk to you so that's how you hold the

camera properly


what inspires you to get out in the

morning and take photos each lodi's is

one big stuff change

great lovin soft light is the opposite

I'm gonna go back and see it at 200