Top 10 Calico Cat Facts That Will Amaze You !! | Calico Cat Personality

calico cats are really very amazing they

are beautiful unique mischievous and

very friendly all of these reasons is

probably why cat love is across the

world are just crazy for calico cats so

here are 10 amazing calico cats facts

that every cat lover must know one

contrary to popular understanding calico

cat is not a breed when you see people

referring to calico cats I want you to

do understand that there is no breeds

such as calico cats calico is a name

given to the pattern that these cats

coat have so what makes a cat a calico

cat is its color so calico cats are just

domesticated cats that have a spotted or

very colored coat so for a cat to be

considered calico the essential

requirement is that it has a white base

coat with orange black cream reddish

brown or sometimes gray spots over that

base white coat fact two calico cats are

known by a variety of other names calico

cats get their names from North

Americans but don't think calico cat is

the only name this beauties are known by

for example in a big part of the world

these cats are also known as tortoise

shells or tortoise shell and white the

other names of calico cats include

brindle tricolor cat and toby miki which

translates into triple fur in japanese

language if tabby cat has cat coloration

that is close to a calico cat it is also

many times referred to as Calabi

interesting isn't it

fact 3 almost all calico cats are

females although almost all cat colors

are evenly split between the males and

females it is not the case with calico

cats it seems you might be thinking how

is this possible the reason behind this

is genetics let me explain it to you a

little bit as to why this is so from a

cat genetics perspective the chromosome

in a cat's body that determines the

color of cat coat is the X chromosome

female cats like other female male

mammals have two x chromosomes male cats

on the other hand have just one x

chromosome and one Y chromosome and what

is important to know is that Y

chromosome does not contribute anything

to coloration so there is no chance that

the male cat has are both non orange and

an orange coloration the exception to

this case is when a male cat has x

XY chromosomes because of this rare

combination you will find that male

calico cats are extremely rare fact for

most male calico cats are sterile male

calico cat are rather weak and more

often not sterile they suffer from a

condition called Clini filter syndrome

which means in most cases they will have

health problems ranging from brain

damage to genital deformities to organ

failures this is because of the reason

we just discussed for a male cat to be a

calico it needs to have two X and one Y

chromosome it's almost like nature does

not want them to exist and goes to great

lengths to keep it that way

it is often believed that owning calicos

is very lucky and that it will attract

money but if you fall into one of those

superstitious traps and get a male

calico cat the money that the male

calico cats will attract will eventually

be used for frequent visits to the vet

but if you adopt a male calico because

you want to take care of him that's when

real blessings walk in all the Egyptian

gods will praise you talking of Egypt

fact 5 origin of calico cats can be

traced to Egypt we have all seen those

cryptographic images on Egyptian walls

Egyptians have historically been cat

lovers I wonder what the Facebook group

would have been called Egyptian cat Cove

maybe anyhow calico cats origin stories

needs to be taken with a grain of salt

there have been studies that extrapolate

origin of calico cats to Egypt certain

evidence suggests that this kind of

coloring or calico color appeared first

in Egypt it was Neil Todd who while

studying migration routes of domestic

cats from northern Africa to Europe

traced the calico cat coloration origin

to Egypt he discovered that the calico

coloring gene probably originated in

Egyptian cats and then these cats

traveled to Mediterranean ports of Italy

Greece and Spain fact 6 there are eleven

plus official breeds that allow calico


although calico cats are cross breeds of

two or more feline breeds there are

certain cat breeds that are allowed to

have calico coloration in the breed

standard these cat breeds are Turkish

Angora Arabian Mau British Shorthair the

Manx the Norwegian Forest Cat the

Japanese bobtail the Siberian American

Shorthair Turkish van exotic short

hair and the Persian cats calico cats

may also happen as a result of

crossbreeding but official bodies have

not recognized them specifically fact 7

there is a sub breed of calico cats

called dilute calico this kind of calico

cats as the name suggests have their

calico color which is relatively lighter

than to the regular calico cats dilute

calicoes are not rare but it is true

that they are not as predominant as the

common normal calico cats so if the

regulars feature a sassy black white and

brown the dilutes rock a gray silver and

light gold fact 8 many cultures think

calico cats bring good luck well I don't

believe just calico cats bring luck I

think any cat that you adopt as your own

is lucky for you calicos or otherwise

doesn't matter well we don't know a lot

about that but if they're a calico cat

owners watching this video I would

request you to comment below how calico

cats might have got good luck to them

although it is mostly black cats that

are associated with luck some cultures

believe that when a black cat crosses

your path it brings good luck

there are also cultures that believe

when a black cat crosses your path it

brings bad luck but I guess it is not

just black cats which are associated

with luck fact 9 it is very difficult to

clone or breed a calico cat there have

been many studies and attempts to clone

calico cats however all the attempts at

cloning a calico cat or a cat with

calico coloration to be precise have

been unsuccessful Penelope chair no glue

explains the unsuccessful attempts are

due to an effect called the x-linked

inactivation x-linked inactivation in

moob terms mean a random inactivation of

a mammals X chromosome which makes it

impossible to clone in her findings she

also expressed her doubts to future

cloning of calico cats since female

mammals have two X chromosomes fact 10

calico cats are very popular in Japan

Japanese hold calico cats in high esteem

as we discussed how people believe

calico cats bring in good luck Japanese

have been believing that calico cats

bring good luck from long time they

believe calico cats have the capacity to

protect them from harm to this day

Japanese see calico cats as a sign and

symbol of protection

there is are actually a real story they

used to back the belief so the story

states that a pet calico cat sense that

there is fire in the house and as soon

as she sensed it she went on to scratch

the bedroom door of each family member

till they woke up actions like these

have led people to believe calico cats

bring good luck and owning and will

protect the family from any kinds of

harm sweet isn't it so I shared popular

beliefs here just to let you know what

is out there in my heart I have

compassion for every cat and ever being

that is part of this beautiful earth I

wish you and your kitty well and hope to

bring some more facts in my other videos