Inside Look Into Cajon Building Process

do you know how car horns are made hello

everyone Philippi here from Coahoma

SATCOM today I'm going to share with you

my visit to a Cajon manufacture the

company's up winter percussion located

in Malaga south of Spain it was a great

experience and I've learned a lot about

the Cajon making so without further ado

let's go to Spain


the view of this place


I was welcomed by Antoni the owner and

CEO of abuela percussion until you

explained to me all the concept of the

company and showed me the history of a

Buena percussion and why he started to

make Kahuna's in the first place

the company was created in 2010

carpenter by profession and with more

than 25 years of experience in the world

of food Antonio has managed to combine

his craft with his hobby as a

percussionist he made his first Cajon to

play with his group and from there he

hasn't stopped until today abrino

philosophy is committed to make the

Cajon bigger and bigger within the

family of percussion instruments the

company not only made Kahuna's but is

also engaged in teach how to play them

offering Cajon flamenco classes in their

facility a bueno percussion also created

an annual Cajon Facebook with concerts

and master classes with big names of the

flamenco music there is a lot that goes

in make and abou Anoka home I had the

pleasure to visit the workshop where

only Antonio himself and another artisan

make all this beautiful Cajon

the grounds are 100% handmade and fully

designed by Antoni before show you to me

the process of making the Cajon

Antonio show the different types of wood

used his process and how he combines the

materials to achieve the specific look

and sound of each line of counts it's

just to receive

he says the Trask estado de Valois

Javert they were on Tony was very kind

to present to me the step-by-step

process of making a kaha to show this

process he used the materials he

normally used to manufacture his basic

line of cojones the first step is to

select and cut the four parts of the

body of the cow the top bottom and the

sides of the instrument then he put them

together in weight and teeth fixed to

then continue the process now Antonio

explains a bit how is his workflow in

the workshop now it's time to study back

at one with a circular hole


after the structure is assembled he

starts sending a little bit


now let's talk about the frontal or tapa

and Spanish the main part where we

actually play in the car it's very

interesting to see this process of the

front plate until you tell us how he

combines and create different textures

of food for a boil unique designs front

clip it's adenine different acaba de

madera well it's assumed kappa de madera

- oh so - vamos a fondo de palma Baretta

la tapa de nosotros vamos a gondola


assail Melillo

can heal that I said in my city and only

if you touch a pallet in it and that's a

Parsi but bigger oversee the ultra

happier in Kampala


it shows how unique the instrument will

be for each one that purchased a kahan

up when now the finishing part with more

sanding and more sand


and the Kahuna's are ready to be played


this is a kahan flamenco type that comes

with adjustable strings in the inside it

is not showed here how the strings are

placed because of course this is one of

the secrets of Abu interpretation

we take care of our kahan as if it were

a piece of art we don't see them only as

an instrument to try to create Kahuna's

with personality

where the design is not only decoration

but the essence of awareness philosophy


that was just the part to run off my

visit the second part where I test out

all the Kahuna's will be available very

soon here on youtube channel stay tuned

for that I'd like to thank and Don you

for being so kind and open his house for

me it was a great experience I hope you

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