Difference between cactus and succulents

what is the difference between cactus and succulent?

Succulents are any plants that store water in their fleshy leaves, stems, roots that

they will use in order to survive drought.

There are more than 50 plant family that are included in the succulent category

contrary to most people think that succulent belong to only one plant family

While cactus is a subcategory of succulents

That means, all cactus are succulent.

Succulents include many plant families such as cactus, lithops, sempervivum, aloe, agave,

haworthia, gasteria, sansevieria, most of euphorbia and more.

Now a days, horticulturist separate cactus from succulent.

This is the reason why there are confusion between succulent and cactus.

Cactus is a specific succulent family

How to identify cactus from the rest?

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How to identify cactus from other succulents?

Cactus mostly have spines, glochids (this is a bristle like thorns)

they have flowers or sometimes leaves which grow from areole

This is the main difference that sets cactus apart from other succulent plant family

the areole

This is the areole, without this - a succulent can not be called cactus

even if they have thorns and fleshy stems and trunks

Let's have an actual excercise in determining a cactus

I will show you 5 plants and tell me if this is a cactus or not

Example 1: cactus or not?

Example 2: cactus or not?

Example 3: cactus or not?

Example 4: cactus or not?

Example 5: cactus or not?

and the correct answer is....

number 1: this is a cactus because thorns grow from the areole

number 2: this is again a cactus because spines grow from the areole

number 3: this is also a cactus, glochids grow from the areole

number 4: we can not see any areole with spines growing in it, so this is not a cactus

number 5: again, there is no areole, this is not a cactus

so, the first 3 are cacti and the last 2 are not.

did you get a perfect score?

way to go!

now you know how to distinguish a cactus.

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We will talk about the plant, that is mostly mistaken for cactus in our next video.

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