Class 4 Science - Chapter Adaptations in Plants | Plants Adapted to Deserts

plants adapted to deserts in this module

you will learn how plants adapt to

deserts this vacation Sid and Alicia

have come to visit a desert with their

parents the desert is such a hot and dry

place it seems there is no water here

yes but see there still are plants

around here

kids the deserts receive very little

rainfall because of which they have very

little water and that too very deep

underground in spite of such scarcity of

water deserts do have plants are you

wondering how these plants survive in

deserts cactus bomb and acacia are the

most common plants found in deserts

these desert plants have special

adaptations which help them to survive

in such dry conditions of a desert let's

discuss these adaptations by considering

the example of a cactus plant a cactus

plant has a thick green stem the fixed

stem stores water in it when water is

available this stored water helps the

plant to survive when water is not

available in addition the stems also

have a waxy coating which prevents the

loss of water from them you can also

notice that a cactus has no leaves

actually the leaves and cactus are

reduced to spines this is an adaptation

of this plant to prevent the loss of

water that occurs through the pores in

the leaves called stomata since a cactus

has new leaves it carries out

photosynthesis with its green stem so

the food for the cactus plant is made in

it's green stem just like stem and

leaves the roots of the cactus are also

adapted to the desert

the roots are spread out wide and deep

into the ground

this helps the plants to absorb more and

more water from the ground with the help

of all these adaptations a cactus

survives in deserts in the same way

other desert plants are also adapted to

the environment let's recap desert

plants have some special adaptations

that help them to survive in the dry

conditions of the desert but cactus

plant is adapted to the desert by having

a thick and green stem to store water a

waxy coating on stem to prevent loss of

water leaves that are reduced to spines

to prevent loss of water through stomata

the roots are spread out wide and deep

into the ground to absorb more and more