Adaptations of Deserts Plants ( Cactus) -For Kids

the desert is such a dry area this seems

to be no water nearby you arrived there

is very less rain in the desert and

there are no rivers here but see there

are plants

I wonder how these plants are able to

live in the desert without water

oh these plants have adapted themselves

to their dry conditions but I did not

know that plants also have features to

adapt themselves or to adjust to the

environment like animals plants also

adapt to the conditions where they live

in can you tell me about adaptations and

plants hmm yes see this is a cactus

it grows in dry areas

why does this cactus plant have new

leaves a genius question but before I

answer this let me ask you a question

if we keep water in these two containers

in sunlight from which container will

water evaporate faster water will

evaporate faster from the bowl right

because the bowl has more surface area

therefore more sunlight can directly

fall on the water so more water will

evaporate sweetheart you're ingenious

how do you know all this I launched it

in phases of matter video or make vision

is calm but you did not answer my

question why does the cactus have no

leaves you answer your question yourself

cactus don't have leaves as cactus has

to survive in very dry and hot

environment leaves have bigger surfaces

like water in the bowl so cactus can

lose more water in evaporation so in

place of these cactus has spines spines

reduce the surface area so less water is

lost less surface area and less water

escapes up I see and you despise no

animals can eat the cactus you are right

this adaptation cactus helps it

save itself from being eaten by animals

cactus is dead is also everything how

does that help pick stem is useful in

storing water and also look carefully

cactus has a waxy coating yes I know

waxy coating stops water from escaping

you were right plants and hot and sunny

areas like deserts have backseat coding

to reduce water loss and also let's look

at the root system of this plant it has

very long roots to collect water from a

large area