How Do Realtors Get Paid - Who Pays Your Buyers Agent

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay realtor Lance Mohr. In this video I want

to talk about how to buy your agents get paid whether you're buying a pre-owned

home or whether you're buying a brand new home from a builder I wanted to do

this video because I do get this question every once in a while a lot of

times it's from first-time home buyers but a lot of times I get it from people

that have fought in several homes but maybe they're buying a brand new home

for the first time and they're wondering are am i charging the money or how am I

getting paid so I don't want to speak for every realtor in the nation and

every state in the nation but I'm giving you pretty much the golden rule how all

Realtors get paid and we'll talk about pre owned first on a pre owned home what

happens is the listing agent and brokerage they go out there and take the

take the listing and it's pretty standard whatever a listing fee they get

they pay the selling or the buyer's agent 50% of that that's very normal so

whatever that Commission is they'll get half of it it works pretty much the same

way a little bit different on new homes what happens on new homes is builders

are always going to be doing their budgets and projections in October in

November most of them will do it in October some will do it in November

assume in their fiscal year in this December 31st and so they budget real

estate agents commissions in there so whether you use a real estate agent on a

new home or whether you don't use a real estate agent on a new home it's already

in there they're they're not negotiating everything you know anything it's it's

pretty much the way it is so the builders end up paying the real estate

brokerage and then of course like it works everywhere they pay the brokerage

and then the brokerage whatever their split is with the agents so really

shouldn't cost you any money again I'm not going to speak for every agent out

there I don't know maybe there's some agents that that charge additional money

or something or they make you sign an agreement but

I'm just talking how I work and that's very standard in the industry if you

have any questions whatsoever don't hesitate to let me know

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for you I hope you have a great day and I wish you the best of luck