How to Better Define Your Business Outcomes

Eastern Time and this is coach Benny

excited like I am every week about being

here with you I hope you're as excited

as I am about today's program and today

we're going to talk about how to better

define your business outcomes and one of

those ways is through coaching one of

those ways is through training one of

those ways is through a lot of other

processes but when you define your

business outcome what you're looking for

better it's gonna make a whole lot of

difference in your whole process coach

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today so let's get rolling and today the

title of today's broadcast of course is

how to better define your business

outcomes what's the outcome you're

looking for in your business processes

this is the first thing that you need to

take time when you're setting up your

business processes how do i define that

before you move forward one step further

have you done it that's always my

question to people out there how do you

know you're getting what you want if you

haven't how can you be sure

and you know we've spent so much time

and energy over the years on

expectations we have some courses out

there on we have a lot of stuff going on

on expectations but

we still have a hard time setting those

up the way we we know we need to when

you hire a consultant to come in and

work with you when you hire an advisor

when you hire a coach when you hire a

contractor what is the outcome that you

expect to get from working with this


do you have it well defined

do you have it written down do you feel

that you know it you know take you to a

very simple story very simple example

right some things you're really good

about outcome but in so many business

processes we're not let's say we're at

home and you hire a contractor you're

looking at a contractor to come in to

your house and remodel your kitchen you

already know this is exactly what I want

in my kitchen this is where I want

things this is the kind of cabinets I

want this is the color of their cabinets

I want this is what I want the kitchen

to look like this is what I want how I

want the kitchen to function this is the

kind of countertops I want this is the

kind of floor I want and that is a very

tightly strict defined outcome isn't it

and when we're dealing with something

like that we're usually pretty good now

everybody's not good until kept me wrong

we still make mistakes but the outcome

that I expect long before I hire anybody

long before I sit down and listen to a

lot of stories long before anybody gets

started I lay out this is the outcome

and it's always about outcomes isn't it

we've we've done some stuff before we

did a short video the other day we've

done some training in the past that

you've got to be able to define the

outcomes because outcomes work backwards

to what you need

to do damn so in their kitchen example

so you you have all that then you meet

with the contractor there's no doubts

this is what you want this is how you

want it BAM why can't we do that in all

our business processes well we do mani

know we don't we don't I can tell you so

many times what we don't do it we just

don't do it and there's a bunch of

articles if you go to the webpage which

for those of you who watch him live that

webpage connection won't be available

yet but you know what I'm gonna put a

couple of these links well no I'm not

gonna put them out there yet I'll wait

and let you get this when we go there

but there's some old articles you can go

to the blog if you go into the blog our

blog page and you type in expectation

there's some some great stuff there that

you may just want to look at so just

just going to that the blog page search

expectations and watch what you take in

to see now not knowing the outcome hurts

you and your business because if you

don't define that outcome what happens

when you're hiring any type of

professional what's gonna happen to the

process you know when you hire all the

waiter what's the outcome when you hire

an attorney when you hire an attorney

you're looking for a resolution to the


second of all you're looking for the

best way to resolve it and in both of

those cases you want to pay as little as

possible and get it done as quick as

possible and excuse me if you're dealing

with any kind of charge or anything you

want to be found not guilty and clear

everything up that's what you're looking

that's the outcome so before you hire

any kind of attorney right you define

that so let's talk about coaching

because so many times and and I can tell

you that a great deal of my

personal coaching business comes from

people who have worked with other people

and they've worked with other people and

they didn't get the results they wanted

and it's not necessarily that I'm the

best coach in the world or that that

person is a bad coach a lot of times

it's simply that the expectations that

you have and the expectations the coach

thought you had didn't match up they

didn't work out you didn't get the

results you wanted and whose fault is it

you know it's just like we learned when

we're leaders right in leadership we

always take default we always give the

credit right so let's just understand

when you go to hire a coach what's the

outcome you're looking for if you don't

define that and you and the coach aren't

on the same page it's not gonna work I

don't care how good the coach is I don't

care how good you are it just doesn't

work and it's not that it doesn't work

so much as you're both not gonna be

happy with the result and you're not

gonna be happy because it isn't what one

of you want what are the results you're

looking for

so first I want to tell you that when

you do an outcome it starts with why if

you and let's go back to the coaching

example right because coaching is a

great example of this process

why are you hiring a coach and then why

are you hiring this coach why would you

hire why are you hot iron me or why are

you not hire me because if you

understand why then you can clearly now

define the outcome you expect and when

you expect it so if you're hiring a

coach to help you with leadership then

the outcome that you're looking for

clearly is better leadership skills

right you want to be a better leader

that's what you're trying to make happen

right and we've been dealing with

leadership the last few weeks and we

went through some training and some


about leadership but that's the outcome

if I'm hiring you to coach me to be a

better leader then the outcome I'm

looking for is to be a better leader and

so when I get to the end of the time

period I say well maybe am I a better

leader or am I not how can I measure

that that I'm a better leader what are

the measurements how do I know I'm a

better leader again another key factor

measurement and it seems like you know

how we talk all the time about creating

greater success and in all but there's a

pattern that you can see through all the

materials we produce produce your coach

many it is vision plan execution vision

plan execution what is it you want how

are you gonna get there and then let's

make it happen

and it's no different here is it what's

the outcome that you want how are you

gonna get there and then did it happen

how are you gonna measure it did it

happen or not how do you know you're a

better leader well I feel good I get up

every morning I'm pumped up I'm rocking

I'm wrong but does that make you better

leader no instead what you need to

define upfront is what are the things

that you're struggling with when it

comes to leadership and the leadership


what is it the things that when I look

at my leadership abilities and my

ability to run the company my ability to

be a strong leader with my cup people

what is it that I'm struggling with am i

having trouble making decisions there

are so many leaders out there who cannot

make a decision and the only reason and

I gotta confess to you those who have

been around me for a long time is excuse

me I'm just tickled in the throat today

the only reason I'm good at is because I

had a

great mentor and coach when I was young

who taught me that making decisions

probably the most important thing you

need is a leader so for me that's a

strength but maybe you're having that

problem or maybe you're having a problem

firing people I can tell you and I know

it's not a popular topic and it's not

something people we like to talk about

and in small business

it's a nightmare because you know it's

family right a lot of times whether

they're real family or not a lot of

times they are real family but when it

comes to firing I can't I can't

and you'd be amazed at how many times

I'm working with this problem with

smaller companies because they've just

allowed the build up of people who are

not helping them grow I think just can't

move them out and they're not producing

and they have all the right in the world

and all be the the need to straighten up

the organization but they can't so maybe

that's your leadership issue perhaps

you're having trouble raising your

prices again you don't know how many

companies are out there and they can't

raise their price they need to raise

their price their costs have X escalated

but they're so afraid of losing their

customers or the industry's tight or

something's going on that they but they

need to lead the process because you

can't lead your organization to be

profitable and successful if you're not

making money Kenya let's face it what

are the issues you're dealing with and

what do you expect a coach to do for you

and help you do once you if you define

you know my problem is I'm having

trouble making decisions and then when

the coaching process comes near the end

you or you can say wow I'm easy to make

a decision I'm making a decision right

now to keep you around for a little bit

longer or making a decision right now

we're done for now the decision you know

or if you hire them to help you fire

people and all of a sudden you've

cleaned up some of the mess that you've

been strong

with four years you can say I guess it

worked and finally of course if you if

you measured on raise prices what

happens what luck

were finally hitting the margin now

we're I remember working with a customer

many years ago and it was such a great

example of raising prices this was you

know today we have a lot more tools at

our disposal but the bottom line is you

need to look at every customer and

especially if you're a customer you know

individual customer driven process where

each customer has their own process am i

making money on this customer if I'm not

why am i doing business with them

how do I raise the price or how do I

fire them you'd be amazed I'm going to

tell you all kidding aside how many

people are dealing with customers and

they think they're making money because

fam that customer supplies $50,000 a

year to the top line but it's costing me

$60,000 to work with them what's wrong

with the picture so I'm sorry we got a

little bit off there what are the issues

you're dealing with what do you expect

the coach to do for you it's very

important to identify the outcome you're

looking for so that when you're looking

at a coaching program here's a couple of

tips or three tips I want to just share

with you three things but I want to just

take a moment to divert right let's take

a moment to talk about coach Manny if

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check out our website we have free stuff

out there look we're here every Friday

to show you this stuff we're here to

teach you we're here to help you and we

hope this stuff can help you be more

successful so when you're looking at

coaching let's go back number one what's

the outcome you're looking for in

measurable terms and don't be shy

be bold be simple be direct I expect to

be able to remove people from my

organization who are not doing what I

expect in weeks rather than taking

months or not doing it at all I expect

to be able to make decisions in minutes

instead of the days it takes me to make

those decisions today and you know who

can tell you you're doing that the rest

of the people that work for you and say

oh my gosh Manny you have come a long

way I expect to raise all my prices over

the next 18 months and then every year

to look at whether I'm making money on


so that's expectations number two you

got a defined time period that you

expect this problem to be resolved in is

it gonna take three months six months a

year a couple years some projects can

take a long time because you cannot just

bulldoze through there and I know

sometimes ya think I'm bulldozing but

I'm not always bulldoze and sometimes we

guys take it easy but you need to know

how long it's going to take so you lay

out at the end of this period and then

you say okay three months down the road

and we sit down we look at it is it

working how do we know it's working is

there are the measurements there what's


which is really the third step which is

how and

and will you know that it's work again

it's very clear I know it overworked

when I can make decisions when I can

fire people when I can raise prices and

these are just examples again very clear

very simple I have all my pricing up to

the level where I'm making money off

every customer or that customers no

longer working for us or I've replaced

them with a new one we have cleaned up

the workforce and now we're getting so

much more done and I can tell you you

gotta watch it I don't never work him

for one with one company and this is one

of the first things we did was we looked

at all those cut of our own customers

and we said wow we got a real problem

here so I'm no longer sitting around all

weekend procrastinating about decisions

I just make them so he's coaching for

you I don't know I mean that's that's a

personal decision but I can guarantee

you this if you want to talk about it go

out to coach Manny comm hits schedule

set up 15 minutes let's talk about it

it's that simple

if you don't need a coach then go

through the process to find the outcomes

you're looking for look at some coaches

met define what the results are that you

want make sure that you and a coach are

on the same page you have a measurement

and then go forward and again if you

need some more resources check out coach

Manny comm if you want to talk I'm

always there

coach Manny calm /schedule or just go to

the website and hit the schedule button

set up a no-obligation call on a date

and time that works for you and we'll

make it happen

hey you know I like being here every

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having you out there let me work with

you whether its leadership sales what is



you need what are the problems that you

need in your business to move to

extraordinary coach man you said have a

great week and I will talk to you soon