Do I need a Box Spring? - Bunkie Board vs Box Spring

so you've picked a mattress and you've

picked a bed frame and now you've got

this and I put my mattress on it just

like this no stop don't do it I'm gonna

tell you what you need to do


so I'm sure by now you've thought of a

box break and you're not wrong but the

thought is kind of incomplete what is a

box spring well up until the 80s and the

first half of the 90s almost every

mattress that was made was primarily an

inner spring mattress so in addition to

the springs in the mattress it also

relied on the springs that were in the

box spring to help with support and

pressure relief in fact that's where it

got its name a box spring was a box

filled with Springs but almost every

mattress manufactured in the last 10

years doesn't need a box filled with

springs but what makes it confusing is

that a lot of manufacturers still call

them box springs even though there's no

springs them in them anymore it's really

just a foundation something to raise the

height and provide support for the

mattress one option is to get some

plywood like I did here and screw it

onto something sturdy like two by fours

depending on how handy you are that may

or may not be a good option but it's one

of those things that always takes longer

than you'd expect to cut it to size

screw it to the right pieces and get it

in place as you can see it's still not a

perfect fit when I tried it if you have

one of these you don't need a box spring

or a boogie board this is a platform bed

and it has all of the slats built in so

you can put the mattress right on top if

you're interested in this particular

model I'll put a link in the description

box a lot of bed frames are like this

three or four crossbars and that's all

there is especially older wooden ones or

sleigh beds like I have and no you can't

put your mattress directly on this if

you did it would sag between the

crossbars and frankly it's probably

going to void the warranty anyway which

needs something closer together so I'm

going to give you a couple solutions to

that problem

so here's an example of a foundation

this is the zenus four inch by fold box

spring and I have it unzipped so you can

see that even though it's called a box


there's no Springs involved it's really

just a foundation to raise the height of

the mattress and other than that it's

just got a bunch of sturdy crossbars to

support the mattress

it's called bifold because you can fold

it in half when you're storing it or

move it around I'm showing you this low

angle so that you can see this

particular foundation just barely peeks

out over the edge of our particular bed

frame of course you'll need to measure

for yours I did a review of this

particular foundation a while back you

can click the card in the top right

corner for more details on that or check

out the description box this is the

zenus Gulzar bunkie Board and queen size

and as you can see it sits inside the

existing bed frame but adds more slats

to it so that there's never more than

about four inches between any given

slats you'll see a couple of the bars

have a white tape on them that's just an

optional slip resistant tape that you

can use if you want to to prevent your

mattress from moving around it's a great

solution if you need extra support but

you don't want to raise the height of

your mattress much this bulky board was

quick and easy to put together if you

want more details on this particular one

check the card in the top right hand

corner the only practical difference

between a bunkie board and a box spring

is the height a box spring called a

foundation nowadays will raise the

mattress height off of the bed frame

depending on what size you get your

desired amount of inches

some are low-profile some are little

higher profile and they provide enough

crossbars to provide adequate support a

bunkie board provides the same function

but without raising the height more than

the nominal amount that it has

inherently so it still has the correct

amount of crossbars to prevent sagging

and provide adequate

or in our case my wife and I are

currently sleeping on a 14 inch thick

dream cloud mattress and since the

thicker mattress we didn't want to raise

the height very much right now it's

sitting on that bunkie board that I

showed you so it's been raised hardly at

all I think it's the perfect height I

have my feet on the ground and it's just

right what do you think to see more tips

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box I'll list three different box

springs and three different bunkie

boards that you can take a look at click

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