Bunion Surgery

bindings are real simple I mean they're

real simple keep

principles of carpentry and you know a

lot a lot of doctors get mad when they

hear me say this but really all I am is

really just kind of a glorified

carpenter okay so if you're looking at

this right here


see think about her she's got absolutely

fantastic bones talking if I were to you

got old quite a bit okay like that yeah

I'm doing great I think now what you








yeah now you three can see that's but

that's the osteotomy it's a chevron so

now what we're doing we're actually so

now I can pull this out you can't you

can't see it well Katie because you're

doing the retraction have you just

pulling it out

see if you're looking at this let's see

that's the austenite of one into hell

okay does that make sense

now we're pulling it over with you know

what I'm not to do Kay I'm not steal

this from you yeah

take this and give this over right here

okay so I moved it over about a


they just keep hanging around just like

it's a temporary so I can hold that off

yeah see it makes sense yeah

seek the seals cut right here then just

Chevron but too deep okay now I'm gonna

shave it off


you got it you got yeah I feel that

now I do like this oh cool I feel free



looking good okay now I'll have you I'll

have you back together in just a few

minutes I hope y'all fit ya know I

actually learned something today

he's coming up