🛠️ Are brushless tools worth the extra money?

our brushless tools worth the extra

expense I find this an extremely valid

question for di wires that are working

on a budget because brushless tools can

often cost 50% more than brushed tools

of a similar comparison to help us

debunk this question I'm going to pit

the rigid 18 volt brushed impact driver

versus the rigid 18 volt brushless

impact driver I find it important to

mention the fact that I purchased these

power tools with my own money and that I

have zero affiliation with rigid and

that this is not a sponsored video

before we get to the tests we should

take a look at the two different models

that we have here in front of us this

one's the brushed as it mentions here

it's an X 4 which is a fourth-generation

and it comes with 1750 inch pounds of

torque this is the X 5 which is our

brushless model and it comes with 2250

inch pounds of torque it also offers you

a three-speed mode from 1 2 & 3 3 being

the highest we will go with the highest

one of the big differences between a

brushed motor and a brushless is the

resistance in the motor there's a lot

less resistance in here as there's a

contact point in this one which slows

the speed a bit and destroys a little

bit of efficiency additionally brushless

motors are sometimes considered smart

motors because they have chips inside

them which help regulate power

delivering more power when needed and

less when not needed one of the big

selling points for the brushless motor

is that it claims to be able to deliver

up to 50 percent more run time really up

to 50 percent more run time not sure

about that to test out the performance

between these two impact drivers I'm

going to be powering them with identical

fully charged 1.5 amp 18 volt batteries

I'll also be using the bits that came

with the drill and I'm going to be

screwing a box of number 10 two and a

half inch exterior wood screws into this

old 4x4 which I believe is a pine

I'm going to start it off with the

brushless impact driver I have 50 screws

I'm going to drive all 50 in and then

remove them with the same battery and

I'll do this until the battery is

exhausted there we have it we went about

sixty percent across this board with the

brushless motor and we inserted and

removed 100 screws in addition we also

inserted 29 and a half now is to see if

the brushed motor can do as well as this

one now repeating the test with the

brushed motor I'm going to go ahead and

do all 50 screws and remove them and put

them back in and here we have the last

screw struggling to go in but the

battery hasn't died until it is fully in

I finished drilling with the brushed

motor and I was able to get 50 in and

out and on the next 50 I was only able

to get 17 in which is a staggering

difference so yes if you want to pay up

to 50% more for brushless you can do

twice the work with the same battery now

it's time for these two drills to go

ahead to head in a speed test I'm going

to be testing the three different speeds

on the brushless motor against a single

speed on the brushed motor

and there we have the results the speed

three on the brushless is the fastest

followed by the brushed motor and then

speed two on the brushless and then

speed one on the brushless and this

follows suit with the torque

specifications for the different models

and speed settings if you'd like to

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