Budding Broccoli: how does broccoli grow?

how does broccoli grow there are two

main types of broccoli grown on this

farm crowns and purple sprouting both

are grown from a seed broccoli crowns

grow all through the warmer spring and

summer months because they don't like

cold weather conditions unlike purple

sprouting broccoli which thrives in

colder weather to grow both types of

broccoli the seeds are first planted in

these trays along with some fertile

compost the seeds are then taken to a

specially heated greenhouse where they

will grow into small broccoli plants

over the winter the seeds are watered

regularly the trays are raised off the

ground to allow the water to drain

through as too much water isn't good for

the plants then all the broccoli plants

need is sunshine to help them grow both

purple sprouting and broccoli crowns

have to be kept in the greenhouse until

spring as it is too cold in the fields

for them to grow about three months

later when the plants are strong enough

from the weather is a little warmer the

broccoli is ready to be planted outside

at this farm an amazing 35 million

individual broccoli plants are grown

each year before they are planted the

soil needs to be prepared to provide the

broccoli with the best conditions to

grow the farmer uses this big tractor to

turn over the soil and adds fertilizer

to make it good and rich

a baby broccoli plants are dropped into

the ground and then secured in the soil

with the help of this clever planting

machine they need to leave plenty of

space between each one to give the

broccoli room to grow into a mature and

healthy plant broccoli needs plenty of

water to grow in this country we get

just enough rain to keep the soil wet

the broccoli plants use their roots to

get the water from the damp soil when

you eat broccoli you are eating the bud

of the plant if the broccoli wasn't

harvested it would eventually turn into

a yellow flower at the seed house they

let the broccoli buds turn into flowers

on purpose

so the flowers will eventually produce

seeds they use these seeds for next

year's production