What's the Difference Between Dental Implants and Bridges?

hi I'm a marketer Angie I'm a

periodontist here at the office

specializing in implants today I'd like

to talk to you about what is an implant

a lot of people have these questions and

today we'd like to go through some of

the questions that people have a lot of

times people lose a tooth or they lose a

tooth they have options one of the

options is to do a dental implant the

first step is removing a tooth

once that tooth is removed a process

occurs in the body where the bone starts

to dissolve that bone needs to be

retained and what we do is something

called a bone graft so when we take a

tooth out we typically will do a bone

graft first when the implant goes when

the bone graft goes in it takes about

three months before it's ready for

placement of an implant the implant

replaces the root of the tooth so the

implant looks like a screw but it works

like the root of the tooth and as we

talked about that bomis that occurs

happens when you lose a tooth because

the root is gone the implant will work

like the root and preserve the bone when

it goes in it also takes about three

months to anchor into the bone when it

finally anchors into the bone it'll be

ready for a tooth and what your general

dentist does or your restorative dentist

will place an abutment which is an

attachment to the implant and allows for

a crown to go on top of that so there

are three parts to the implant the part

that we typically do here which is the

implant and then there's another part

called the abutment that's the piece

that attaches the implant to the crown

and those are typically done at your

general dentist office when this is

complete it typically cannot be

distinguished between the teeth around

it what's nice about an implant is you

can floss around the implant

if you decide not to do an implant

another option is a bridge what a bridge

is is when they take the teeth next to

the space and cut them down and create a

bridge that goes from one tooth to the


to support a false tooth in the middle

the problem with this is you cannot

floss between it and in some cases we'll

see decay occur in between those areas

and the tooth on either side might be

lost because of it if that happens the

whole bridge is lost so it's very

interesting about an implant is it

separates the teeth if something happens

to one side of the of the bridge it

happens to the whole bridge with an

implant you don't have to worry about

that another thing that we we really

like about implants is as we talked

about the bone that occurs the loss of

bone that that happens still occurs with

a bridge whereas with an implant the

implant maintains the bone so those are

some of the differences between an

implant and a bridge and again if you

have any questions at all about this and

you'd like to schedule a consultation

please give us a call and we'd be happy

to discuss it thank you very much