Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

how do you then know and how do you then

express to the patient whether they need

breast augmentation surgery or a breast

lift right so a breast lift is performed

to correct ptosis ptosis is sagging of

the breast and ptosis involves very

often loss of volume and it also

involves excess skin either from volume

loss or from expansion of the skin with

pregnancy or weight gain and a failure

of that skin to contract again so if

there's a very small amount of excess

skin and a minimal degree of ptosis or

sagging of the breast and only a minimal

descent of the nipple areolar complex

sometimes that can be corrected with

placement of an implant only and that's

the preference because there's less

scarring so if we can achieve the shape

and restore the volume with an implant

alone we'll do that

at times though there's too much ptosis

there's too much excess skin and the

nipple has descended too far and in

those cases we have to tailor the skin

and that involves more incisions and

more scarring the minimum breast lift

involves a scar around the full

circumference of the areola and larger

breast lifts are going to involve the

incision around the areola as well as a

vertical incision extinct from the

areola to the fold at the bottom of the

breast and then even larger lift

procedures will involve an incision in a

scar along the fold at the bottom of the