hey y'all so today's video is a

braidless sewing tutorial

i'm going to be showing you how you can

do this on yourself at home

so this video is sponsored by kawaii

hair make sure to check out those links

down below

so they sent me four bundles of the

brazilian body wave hair

i have two 24 inches and two 22 inches

as y'all can see this hair is a poppy

make sure to click those links down

below and now let's go ahead and jump

into the tutorial

all right so we got to get started on

our braidless sew in

and i just wanted to come and show you

how you want to have your hair prepped

before you start

you want to make sure it's clean i

washed my hair maybe like a few days ago


you want to make sure it's shampoo and

blow dry and that's it you do not want

to flat iron it don't want to put

nothing no type of heat in it other than

a blow dryer

reason being is because you want to have

a little bit of texture

to your hair so that way the beads um

can have like something to grip onto


if you relax you probably probably want

to wait until you got like a little bit

of new growth

or you know just something to have a

little bit of texture um to where you

know you can put these beads on and they

won't slide

out and i also want to share with y'all

the type of thread to use so this

is nylon thread like as you can see it's

that like silky

type of thread rather than the cotton

three you do not want to use cotton

thread when you're doing a braidless


cotton thread is going to like soak out

all your oils and like really dry your

hair out

nylon thread is definitely better to use

it's easier to use when it comes to a

braidless sewing nothing gets like

snagged or stuck

because it's so smooth it's so thin you

know what i'm saying so

get you some nylon thread bow of course

you want to have your micro links or

hair extension links is what they call

when you get them from sally's

and then you want to have a hair

threader you can also find this as


then of course you want to have the

little squeezy thing i'm not

hair pliers i think that's what he's

called yeah if you go to sally's or to

the hair store just ask for some hair


and this is what they should look like

not real pliers okay the hair pliers so

you can squeeze

the little bitty bee okay and last but

not least of course you want to have

some bundles

normally from what i remember whenever i

did a braille sewing i only use two


maybe like two and a half i do have

four bundles total from kawaii hair i

don't know if i'll be able to fit these

i'm pretty sure i won't because girl i

got a little beat ahead

i'll probably end up using two bundles

i'm gonna start off with my 24 inch


oh girl i wish i could fit all of them

because that is just so pretty like this

hair is so luscious

oh so pretty you just need regular

bundles you don't need the little

special link or anything because this is

not micro links this is a braidless

sew in so you actually need like the

wefted hair and as long as you got like

a couple bundles

you're good to go here's how you want to

have your hair kind of like you was

about to do

a braid pattern for like you know a

regular sewing you want to have your

little leaf out

and leave out your perimeter

just like that so first you want to

start by making a part just like you was

doing clip-ins or glueing or something

like that

and make sure to pay attention because

each part i do is going to get better

and better because i was kind of like

re-teaching myself as i went because i

haven't done a braid lips in so long

and i haven't done one on myself so it

was kind of tricky getting the hang of

it at first

but you just want to thread the um hair

threader with beads i kind of put like

six to seven on there just to you know

go ahead and do the whole entire part

without having to restock

the beads and then you just want to make

a part

just about that size thread your hair

through the hair threader

scoop the bead up just like that and

then just push it on through to where

that bead is

up on near your scalp

then you just want to go across that

whole section and continue making the

little parts

putting your beads on just like that

so this is the very foundation of what a

braidless sew-in is just adding those

micro lengths in a row

creates a foundation to sew on instead

of having a braid


now it's time for the hair pliers you

just want to go and scoot that bead up

and squeeze it

pay attention this right here too tight

y'all will see at the end um how i

explain how tight this um

install was i'm actually going to show

you guys one bead that i actually did

pretty loose that was actually perfect

but i ended up going and

tightening it because i thought it

needed to be like this type it does not

need to be this tight on your scalp

now i'm just taking my bundles i'm

making sure to double that width so

everything can be nice and full

and also this is another piece a key

piece of

um what i did better as far as doubling

my wefts make sure to keep watching

because on that third row i'm going to

show you guys

exactly how to double your wefts when it

comes to a braille zone really any sew

in to make sure

you know it's nice and flat and you

don't have a bulky look

because you doubled your wefts so just

keep watching


okay so boom row two we getting better

now pay attention to how i parted row

two in comparison to row

one you want to part it like thinner and


stickle if that makes sense like you

want your part to be

thinner that way your install could be a

lot more fully you could fit a lot more


in your install when you make thinner

parts i hope that makes sense i i'm sure

y'all can see the difference between how

i parted the first one how i parted the

second one

the second one is what you want to do

the first one and

not so much





right here do y'all see that that was

actually perfect

okay y'all gonna see me go back and like

retighten it but i just want y'all to

look at that one look at that look

that was actually perfect when i scooted

it up i made it too tight like y'all

y'all my head was screaming at me y'all

will see you at the end but

this is how everything should be looking

so far you got your

tracks sewn on okay no braids what it do

oh and this part very important this is

how you want to start doubling your

webs so you want to put two webs

together of course but you want to put

that second weft

down maybe like a half inch to an inch

so that way it's not bulky on the side

that way you can pull it up into a

ponytail without you seeing a whole

bunch of tracks that way it's laying


i always used to do this like even with

regular sewing so

i just implemented this with my braille




then when you're finishing the other

side you want to make sure you cut that

inside track

shorter than the outside track like have

it ending on like the second to last


that way it can look you know the same

as what you started with

with that outside track being longer

than the inside so you can have a flat


i also want to add that you can leave

hair out in between your rows as for me

i did every single row because i wanted

my install to be super full

and i'm not really going to worry about

wearing it like half up half down so

like when you party you can see like the

beads and stuff

but if you do want to wear styles like

half up half down or something like that

then you want to make sure to leave out

you know that little bit of hair in

between the rows so you can cover

the tracks both ways


so for my rose at the top i decided to

just go single with my wife so it don't

be like you know super bulky or whatever

and yeah we about done i'm just

measuring cutting that weft

sewing it on and i guess i want to show

y'all right here

how you really want to sew on these

wefts because i really like the camera

couldn't really get a good angle of me


but as you can see i'm going like um

horizontal on the row if that makes

sense like i'm i'm sewing

basically uh the same shape as the bead

is going

i am so terrible at explaining stuff but

i hope

that made sense maybe i'll show it again

let's see

there we go y'all see how that needle is

going like back

if you was braiding the sewing you would

be going like vertical but with a braid

lift sewing you want to be going

horizontal you want to be going the same

direction as the roll

like going around instead of up and down


there we have it honey we done we done

it was not too hard was it

so now i'm just uh taking down my leave

out and my perimeter getting ready to

style it

brush it all in together style it all in


and look at that look how natural that

braidless beetle like i just

love it love the braidless install so

many benefits to a braidless you can

pull it up

not quite yet okay it's too tight but

you can pull it up in a ponytail you


half up half down you wear so many

different styles with this install

another thing it is so

like freeing like if you like to have

your scalp free you like to itch scratch

scalp if you like to oil your scalp and

you do not like your hair being all

cooped up with a sew in

braidless is definitely for you it's

just so versatile

once again like i just love it like look

at that girl

yes my hair whose hair my

period so we about to get ready to style

it i'm just going in with my pressing


i'm just getting everything straight i'm

gonna do some crimps you always seem to

use my crimper or whatever

and yeah that's it




hey okay i am

feeling this y'all when i say this took

some time it is

3 39 a.m i probably started on this at


8 o'clock it was still like light

outside it was probably like 7

30 8 o'clock and i'm just not finished


the install and styling it like it took

so long of course i took like a little

small mini breaks

but it didn't take a long time i'm not

going to even hold y'all up

normally like from what i remember like

doing this on clients it only took like

maybe two hours

but on myself like i told y'all this is

my first time doing this

um install on myself so you know trying

to reach to the back of your head and

trying to

you know what i'm saying see in the

mirror and stuff so yeah it did take a

while to finish this myself

but i feel like once i got my groove

like i was maybe halfway

done i really started speeding up and

really getting the hang of it but

i am really happy i think it was

definitely worth it all the

hours it was definitely worth it because

i love

love this so much and i was also a

little worried about how it would blend

with my hair like as far as my hair

being like up here

and the weave being you know 24 inches i

didn't know if it would look good or

like if it'll like you know blend in but

as y'all can see

not choppy at all everything blends in

so good

you can't even see my hair like this


so good i'm so excited i'm so happy with

this y'all

i did use here got my left over here i

didn't use um one bundle

um so i got me a whole bundle left over

which is 22 inches

and then i have like a little bit of 24

i forget which one it is

and a little bit of 22 left over so in

total i think i used three and a half


which i did not expect i only expected

to use two

but i'm really happy that i was able to

squeeze in so much hair because

i was a little worried about that too

like is it gonna be full because you

know the longer your hair is

you know the more bundles you want to

have so it can look nice and full so

yeah about two and a half bundles

everything came out so great i am in

love i'm gonna have this install in for

a hollow mini because i just love me a

braidless install

now one thing about this is it is tight


this is tight i feel like i got some

braids even though this is a braidless

sewing i do feel like my hair is braided

because of how tight it is

and um yeah i definitely should have

moved the micro link

down a little more so it won't be so

tight on my scalp but i definitely can't

go in and like you know undo the

you know squeeze it make it a circle

drag it down a little bit and squeeze it

back so i can kind of like loosen it up

in some spots

because i was like girl chocolate just

in the ponytail was like oh

no so yeah that was really like the only

thing i would change is not making this


tight but everything else like girl i

just i'm

in love i am in love i can't even start

touching this hair i love this hair by

the way

shout out to kawaii here y'all make sure

once again check those links down below

in that description box

this hair is beautiful as y'all can see

this is the natural body wave but i went

on and threw in some crimps

just to get it all you know blended

together with my hair and everything but

this hair is beautiful i love it it's

nice and full

the ends as y'all can see i've offered

the full yet

the ends are nice and full and i just

really really love this hair i love this

install i can't wait to do like some

different styles i can't wait to like

pull it up once it loosens up okay once

i get it loose

i'm gonna definitely be wearing it like

you know in the ponytail because

girl a brayliss will have you delusional

like this is this is my hair

if y'all have any questions about the

braidless install i would definitely try

to get some more videos out like washing


um i plan on wearing this all month so

i'm gonna wash it re-tighten it

you know straighten it do different

styles with this but if y'all do have

any more questions about the braidless


make sure to comment down below and i'll

try to get back to y'all either in the

comment section or in another video when

i follow up with this

install but yes y'all that is it i am so

in love with this inside i just can't

say it enough

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going to taste something exciting

love y'all so much i will catch y'all in

the next video peace out