Arm Lift / Brachioplasty

the appearance of my arms have kept me

from wearing clothing that I would like

to wear I tend to camouflage the area

with long sleeves you know I always

thought if I just lost a little more

weight or if I worked out a little

harder you know the arms would take care

of themselves but they never did I think

what I'm looking forward to after the

surgery is that I will have a more taut

upper arm a leaner upper arm and just a

better overall result and more

proportional for the rest of my body I'm

just excited about having your done


I'm hungry I haven't had anything since

6:00 on a little hungry a little nervous

excited then I'm finally gonna get this

done move on the reason I'm here is this

which is

what's finally known as a redundant

material and I have a lot of it and it's

unattractive at least by my standards

and I would like the fruits of my

efforts of my working out to show so

that's primarily why I'm having this

done so the first thing we're gonna do

or yeah when you're asleep is gonna make

a little poke and I'm actually gonna go

ahead and bend this area down so this

whole area in here that'll do is just

take them extra fatty tissue out of

there to kind of debulk it okay I kind

of want to get this so that when your

arm is down at your side that incision

is toward your body and you can't see it

from the front and hopefully you can't

see it from the back to it this is the

part where the skin's gonna go away

mm-hmm good okay let's take a look at

the other side here

I'm gonna have you sit there on the bed

swing your legs up


this patient has quite a bit every done

that scan or extra skin so we're gonna

do the liposuction and then once that's

completed we'll actually tailor the skin

because they'll be less bulk in the arm

and the skin will be just too loose so

we'll take up some extra skin on the arm

the patient's asleep and the first thing

we're gonna do is put some what we call

tumescent solution which is the salt

water solution with local anesthetic in

this area so we can do the liposuction

and so I want to the first thing I want

to do is I want to take this this very

bulky arm area and pin it down so what

I'll be doing is making a little

puncture wound here and and actually

making this more bulky temporarily by

putting fluid in here but that fluid I

put in here is actually going to help us

with the anesthetic and also help in the

sense that it's gonna she's gonna have

less bruising we'll be able to get more

fat out and it should be more

comfortable also and you'll see slowly

this arm is which is really big right

now we'll get smaller and smaller


any difficulty at all getting that

together and you're gonna notice that

contrary to what most people think

there's just not going to be a lot of

bleeding with this because we're we are

not going to cut down deep into the

patient we're just gonna take the outer

layer off you see there isn't much in

the way of bleeding here because I'm

just staying extremely superficial with

this which takes a lot longer

these are dissolving stitches that are

underneath the skin that actually

dissolve in a period of a month or so so

now we've done the the main key suture

is just trying to line up my lines here

to make everything look symmetrical and

real nice now I'm going to close the

skin with a single layer of suture

material and this will last about two

months this suture itself is somewhat

revolutionary in the fact that it it's

not just fine material it's it's

actually a barbed suture that has little

tiny barbs that are unidirectional so it

actually will take the tension from this

incision and the tension will be all

along the incision rather than just in

one area

so there's our incision you can see it

goes from their axilla to the elbow here

and what we're gonna do is put tape on

that to protect that so what I'll do is

I'll just keep liposuction until I get

essentially the same amount we got from

the other side or until I get to the

point where I think it looks really

really good


so hopefully we can minimize the

appearance of the scar you can try to

leave these tapes in place for about a

month or so some people refer to them as

stereo strips or butterfly tapes but

they're very very sticky in

this job everybody as usual well done

happy the surgery's finished now the

patient did really well I think she's

gonna have a beautiful result and then

they'll take her over to the recovery

area I should go home probably in you

know maybe 15 minutes as soon as she's

comfortable she'll go downstairs in a

wheelchair and then off in the car and

then we'll probably check her in a

couple days


I'm amazed

yeah it looks so much better and you're

you have a little bruising back here

maybe maybe turn this way actually

that's good she has a little bit of

bruising back in here but you know this

is minimal bruising for this kind of

surgery I'm five days post-surgery and

this is what I look like the first day

was I think mostly getting the

anaesthetic anesthesia out of my system

I was a little groggy never really had

much pain to speak of feel very good I'm

very happy with the results so far it's

been six weeks since the surgery I got

the tapes off a couple of weeks ago

and a lot of the residual swelling I

think is gone still a little

discoloration sensitivity oh it's just

like brand-new skin but it's firm it's

just amazing I'm wearing short sleeves

which I haven't done in like forever

I'm looking in the mirror thinking wow

look at these arms are they're amazing

my wardrobe looks pretty sparse because

I you know right after I had this done

I'm playing things out of the closet and

right now don't have a whole lot to wear

but that's okay I plan on changing that

very soon sometimes I still catch myself

when I you know like I've been blowing

dry my hair and I've moved my arms and

it's not like a pendulum swinging back

and forth and it's firm and I pull it up

and it's it it stays and it's it's just

very very exciting