are you wearing anything between a 34

and a 38 band in an a B C or D cup wells

in this video is for you when people say

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra

size they mean women are wearing bands

that are far too loose and cups that are

way too small my next video will discuss

how you can find your bra size but for

today I'm gonna talk about why you're

probably wearing the wrong size if

you're wearing anything from a - double

D consider this scenario you go to

Victoria's Secret because you're in

desperate need of a new push-up bra or

whatever anything to hold you down in

place and just look good under clothes

they measure you wrong and to add salt

to injury they use the +4 method if

you're an even number around the under

bust and 5 inches to your under bust if

you're an odd this is infuriating

because they're just trying to fit you

in whatever they can sell to you they

don't care if it fits you or not and you

can't really blame the staff because

they don't know any better my under bust

is 32 inches and do you want to guess

what size band I wear 32 inches in the

same way that if I wear a size 10 pants

you buy the pair of pants in size 10 not

in size 14 if you would never add 4 to 5

inches to your waist why in the world

would you add it to your ribcage if you

are anything less than a size 10 you

probably shouldn't be wearing anything

more than a size 32 band

generally speaking 36 inch band sizes

and up are plus size measurements if you

would like me to do a video

distinguishing the differences between

plus size and fuller bust I would gladly

do that in another video but until then

let's discuss what's wrong with wearing

the wrong bra size the problem with bras

that don't fit in the bag

is the band will ride up your back and

by the end of the day you will end up

with straps that dig into your shoulders

encouraging bad posture and even

possibly causing permanent damage to

your shoulders indentations in your

shoulders that you might not be able to

get rid of furthermore cups that are too

small make you look heavier by causing

bulges underneath your clothing it gives

you a more blocky and less defined look

they work like hats for your breasts

they only serve as nipple covers think

about the word cup it is meant to cup to

hold your breasts next time on the bra

addict we're going to talk about what

bra sizes actually mean what is the

number signify and what is the letter

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