I'm The Only Guy In The Gym And The Girls Want Me... | My Story Animated

hi my name is damon and i'm 17 years old

a half a year ago i decided to go to the

gym where i was the only boy among a

bunch of girls

it was a serious test for me with lots

of awkward situations

but i sure didn't expect how it all

would end the thing is

i love fast food the fatter fried and

more harmful the food is

the tastier it is just thinking about it

makes my tummy growl

and i want to eat a couple of burgers

anyway during the last year i managed to

gain a little weight

and went from 130 to 260 pounds but

neither my family nor my friends paid

much attention to this

and so i thought everything was fine

until i ran into some health problems

it got to the point that i couldn't tie

my shoes i couldn't keep up with my

friends while walking fast

and i started running out of breath

suddenly i realized that i needed to

lose weight

no i didn't stop eating fast food i just

decided to work out and bought me a gym


however soon i found out that i was the

only guy in a gym full of beautiful and

fit girls

wow well maybe it's even for the better

because they won't have anyone to

compare me with

and i won't need to overwork myself too

much but everything turned out to be a

lot different than i'd imagined

as soon as i entered the gym all my

courage vanished and i didn't know what

to do

so i started repeating the exercises

which the girls would do

but then i realized it's too hard for me

and i couldn't do it

it was really embarrassing for me

because the girl started to watch me

and it made me feel very shy and

insecure okay never mind i thought

let's see ladies who is better on the

treadmill but as soon as i stepped on

the track and pressed the start button

the machine started working at such a

speed that i was instantly thrown aside

onto the floor

the next moment the girl started

laughing so loud that the trainer had to

calm them down

turns out that the girl who used the

treadmill before me didn't reset the

program and

i certainly wasn't ready for such speed

what a shame

well yeah i lost the battle but not the


the next day i decided to try some bench

presses but after my previous mishap

all the girls started watching me now i

didn't want them to think i'm a complete


so i decided to add a few more discs to

my bar but as soon as i laid down on the

bench with the heavy barbell in my hands

i'd realized that it was way too heavy

for me and i wasn't able to push it up

at all

but not just that i couldn't even hold

it above my head

the barbell slowly started to go down

and in a matter of seconds

it would break my neck i had no choice

but to scream for help

and as luck would have it there was no

coach in the gym at that moment

but then one of the girls ran up to me

easily grabbed the barbell and set me


thanks i couldn't have done it by myself

but i believe you know that feeling

after you've done nine presses and

you want to do one more really badly and

you can feel some pain so you can't push

it back right

so this time i somehow managed to get

out of a bad situation

but what had happened to me next it was

too much

guys i swear all they did was just laugh

at me

i just well you know it's like when you

say a cyber truck is armored but a metal

ball can crack its windows

anyway all of a sudden the most

beautiful girl came up to me and said

you shouldn't skimp on sports clothes

you've been showing us a striptease here

for like 30 minutes

what what is she talking about but when

i looked in the mirror

i was shocked my shorts had ripped open

right at the back seam

and well i hid the hole with my hands

and flew out of the gym like a bullet

i thought i would never go back to the

gym after that last incident but

the next day i asked my dad to give me

some money and went to the sports store

to buy myself a new pair of shorts

he asked me what had happened to my old

one well i just told him the truth

but then he told the whole family and

they all started laughing at me

very nice well you just wait all of you

i'll show you who will laugh when i lose

100 pounds

but first of all give me some money so


i walked around the mall for a long time

choosing clothes of the best

quality but then i saw mcdonald's and

i felt a terrible hunger i knew i had to

go to the gym that day

but i thought it wouldn't hurt to

recharge with some fast food energy and

without any remorse i ate my favorite

double cheeseburger combo

but i didn't know yet that i had made

one of the biggest mistakes

with renewed vigor and full of energy i

put on my new things and entered the gym

the girls immediately gave me an

appraising look for the first time

no one even laughed at me and everything

would have been fine

if while doing squats a loud and

terrible belch hadn't come out for me

instantly everyone in the gym burst out

with laughter and i ran away again

i went into an empty locker room and

started to cry

i can't do it every time i screw up more

and more

i'm just worthless when i suddenly felt

like someone hugged me by the shoulders

and you won't believe it was kim the

prettiest girl from the gym

you know i was a big girl before and it

took me two years of hard work in the

gym to turn into a beauty

you will succeed too just never give up

now dry your tears

and go back to the gym go

i don't know this girl probably

possesses some magical abilities or

something because

her words and support gave me incredible

confidence in myself

i went into the gym as a new person and

started to work out

hard and if i'm not successful i will

repeat those exercises until i start to

do them perfectly

soon the trainer noticed my efforts and

made me a personal plan for proper


and gave me some useful advice and just

three months later

i managed to drop over 50 pounds this

was something i couldn't even dream of

i got relief and my extra pounds started

to turn into muscle mass

now no one in the gym is laughing at me

and here's the big news

once after a workout kim smiled at me

and said i looked great

and i must admit her words and smile

were the best prize for all my efforts

it was the happiest day of my life but

that's not even all

i continued to work out and in the next

few months i dropped another 30 pounds

i completely burned off all the fat got

muscles all over my body

and became one of the sexiest boys in

school also

last week i started dating kim this girl

absolutely changed my life because she

is the one who supported me in difficult


and motivated me to become better and

stronger now we are the most beautiful


not only in the gym but in the whole

city and yes

i'll never pick up a burger again

hi i'm brian and i'm 14 years old

i want to tell you a terrible story

about how i became a victim of jealous

girls in my school which almost

cost me my life from an early age i was

good at learning foreign languages

and when my parents noticed it they sent

me to a specialized school

but it happened that i was the only boy

among 20 girls in my class

anyway time had passed and in a few

years i started to become more handsome

by the age of 12 i was quite tall

already and i had expressive facial

features and long hair

my mom is a clothes designer and that's

why i always dress nice and fashionable


all the girls were running after me they

were just crazy about me

each one was trying to stand out with

something and be better than the others

in order to attract my attention

i must admit i was flattered by it and i

liked it

in return i would constantly flirt with

them tickle them playfully pull their


and they did home chores for me it was

all fun but soon

everything changed dramatically when a

new girl named betty came to our class

she was very modest quiet and very calm

and dressed simply

also it was difficult for her to join

the team and she was always alone

but there was something about her that

attracted me soon it turned out that she

lives near me

so we started coming and leaving school

together me and betty became good

friends and i liked your company a lot


all of a sudden i started having some

sympathy for her and soon it turned into

a huge problem for me

the girls at school became very jealous

and started to hate betty

they would constantly mock her and call

her names but then their jealousy became

unbearable several times they put

laxatives or sleeping pills in betty's

drink during lunch

it's a good thing i noticed it splashed

the drink all over their faces

but once betty didn't come to school and

then she didn't come for a whole week

it turns out she had severe poisoning

and was admitted to the hospital

i was very worried about her and every

day after school i ran to her to find

out about her condition

that's when i started to think that i

fell in love with her in the meantime

the girls at school started flirting

with me again

handing me notes in the middle of

lessons stealing my diary to make me run

after them around the classroom

well there was nothing new actually

except i started to hit back

when betty came back to school i decided

to do something nice for her between

lessons i ran into a classroom and took

flowers from a flower pot for betty

but as soon as i entered the classroom

katie the girl who bothers me the most

ran up to me and grabbed the flowers

that i had wow

these are my favorite flowers and how

did you guess huh

but when i said the flowers were for

betty her face suddenly twisted into an

ugly grimace

please don't tell me you fell in love

with that grey mouse

then she burst into a hysterical

laughter and threw the flowers into the

trashcan and the whole class started

laughing at me

it was just an awful situation and i

took the flowers from the trash

and threw them at katy now they don't

laugh anymore

a month later i caught a cold and while

i had to spend a couple days in bed

my classmates decided to take advantage

of it they caught betty after school and

started threatening her

they pushed her down on the ground and

made her promise she would stop talking

to me

and if she didn't she would have big

problems but

when she went home all in tears she

called me and told me everything

i couldn't believe my classmates were

capable of such a thing

i was so angry that i stole my father's

car and ran immediately to katie's house

i took some mud and started throwing it

at her house when she came out of her


i quickly drove away and

i wish she could have seen her face but

that's not even all

since then me and betty started dating

and everything was fine and calm

until this happened once me and betty

stayed in the classroom a bit longer

and for that reason we were late getting

to the lunchroom by the time we got

there all the girls were sitting at the

tables and eating

usually betty and i always sat in

certain places but this time we decided

to switch places

soon after lunch i felt a sharp pain in

my stomach and began to throw up

i felt so bad that the teachers had to

call me an ambulance

in a matter of minutes a rash and red

spots appeared on my skin

and my condition was getting worse and

worse it turned out i had

very bad poisoning and the doctors were

fighting for my life

for a whole week i stayed in the

hospital and was in very serious


i was so sick that i couldn't even speak

however soon i slowly began to recover

by that time my parents had already gone

to the school and made a big scene there

with the kitchen chefs and the school


as a result a sanitary inspection

conducted examination

but nothing harmful was found in the

kitchen nevertheless at the request of

my parents the principal fired the chefs

and new employees quickly came in to

replace them

but as soon as i finally came to my

senses and found out about everything

i remembered how it really was then i

told my parents everything

i told them about my relationship with

betty about how our classmates are

jealous of her

and how many times they tried to poison

betty but this time i happened to get


and the next day a real mess had started

at school

my parents called the police and sent

them to my school and soon

investigations began every girl in the

class was interrogated separately

all their things and backpacks were

checked and no evidence was found

and i know that it's more likely that

katie did this

but i didn't catch her at the moment of

the crime so i couldn't prove anything


eventually me and betty were transferred

to another school to avoid further

problems with the jealous girl

our new classmates are nice and they

were friendly and accepted us and what

matters the most

me and betty love each other and it

might sound strange but

i'm glad i'm the one who got poisoned

and not her after all

who knows maybe i saved the life of my