Boundary Survey

hi welcome to what realtor's don't tell

you today we're going to share with you

a little more on what boundary surveys

are and and the importance of a boundary

survey in purchasing a lot or a a home

one of the questions that you have the

right to ask before you purchase or

before you buy a home or a lot is has

there been a boundary survey completed

with that question of course the realtor

and the buyer the seller would would

need to answer yes there has been a

survey or no there is not and then there

can be a discussion for further on as

far as is it important to have one and

and how much do they really cost

hopefully some of the things which we

will tell you will answer those

questions a boundary survey as you can

see here shows the boundary of the the

parcel that you that you've purchased

and and that in this example is shown by

the yellow the yellow line that is the

boundary and and that is what you're

purchasing this tells you the the area

the location and and some of the things

again the the boundary is is being shown

by the yellow line and this depicts a

little bit of of what's happening I'm

going to come here and scale in a little

bit and then I'll be able to pan and

give a little description of what's

going on before I do that I'd like to

just come over here and this shows a

vicinity map is what this is called

of course it shows you the property in

relationship to a variety of roads Higby

Road South Bay row etc but this is a

topography map and this will talk on a

later segment but as you can see the

property drops from hit B Road into

South Bay part of the big Moose Lake

this ground of course being that it's

very long and large is not going to be a


a problem but if it was a small lot and

it dropped that quickly of course we'll

talk later on how that could be costly

and placing a home in that type of a

scale but coming back here I just want

to give some highlights on a boundary

serve as you've noticed and as we've

talked about the yellow lines represent

the the boundary the bearings and the

distances represent what you can

anticipate this line here they are this

point here they found a two inch angle

iron and you travel a hundred and twelve

feet or 100 point to twelve feet here to

a second angle iron and you'd be able to

pull a tape and get very close to to

that distance again you can visibly see

what's on these corners and that would

be one of the questions in addition that

I would ask is are there corners placed

on each of the areas so you can visibly

see your property before you purchased

you can see here that this ground is

three point one five six acres so it's a

fairly large piece you tells us who it

is owned by located you know in the

county recorded a different location

where you could get that material be

aware that an acre one acre equals

43,560 square feet as you can see here

the area is a hundred and thirty seven

thousand four hundred and ninety one

square feet take that number divide it

by forty three thousand five sixty you

get your acreage going a little further

up you can see that there's the home it

has a deck and there's no problems

particularly with the structure in

regards to the boundary you know we have

plenty of room here forty two feet 27:23

here a home next door is fairly close a


framing framed home but it does not

encroach and and it does not have or

show any problems on the property that

we have purchased you can see here is a

gravel driveway also you can see that

this road South Bay Road goes

through your property and that would be

a right of way as its depicted here of

50 feet that goes through your property

that you would not be able to shut off

that would be part of your title report

part of your exceptions in your title

report that that road is there and and

will be permitted to stay it tells you

what their locating on each of the

corners as well as of course it ties

back into Higby Road where it gives you

your pob which is the point in beginning

one note here I found this very

interesting is of course this is a North

arrow so north it shows you which way

north is that north that they have

chosen to use on this plat is is

basically an assumed bearing they're

showing it an astronomical north from

solar observations and then they give

you a 14 bearing difference to magnetic

north that if you were out to take a

compass you would be able to show

magnetic north through that compass so

there are differences in in norson and

that becomes not very important to to

most people but for surveyors and

engineers that that is is needed to it

to at least be aware of here it gives

you some additional notes about the

property and and whatnot again this is

just an example of a boundary survey

again answering the question what do

pounder e surveys show you we've kind of

gone through a few of those things it

would show any overlaps in the under

laps in your deeds as well as it would

show any conflict with improvements now

one of the major conflicts that a survey

does disclose is the fence lines versus

the the deed lines let me give an

example of that the fence line is the

actual improvements a boundary that the

people accept or feel that that's their

property and the deed line is is this

line depicted in the yellow which

describes your your property that's one

of the most common

differences that we have found in

surveying that those two may be a little

different but a survey would depict that

and you would know what that is before

you purchase the ground if a survey is

has been completed now if a survey has

not been completed then you certainly

have the right as part of your due

diligence to request a survey a survey

could range anywhere between seven

hundred to three thousand dollars

depending upon how large and where the

the property is located in most cases

where there is a subdivision and you've

purchased all of lot four of a certain

subdivision those mean or that tells you

by that that very question it tells you

that that has been surveyed once before

and has been subdivided and there should

be some control that the surveyor could

give you a reasonably quick turnaround

as well as a break in cost because of

that who is to pay for it you know

that's again negotiated in your contract

sometimes I have seen where both people

pay for it both the seller and the buyer

but again that's determined by by your

real estate contract a survey is is in

my opinion very important obviously we

are land surveyors and and we highly

recommend surveys to know where your

boundaries are let me share an example

of one of the situations that we have

ran into a buyer was selling a piece of

ground where they thought that they had

approximately fourteen and a half acres

to sell and they determined with the the

seller that they were going to sell the

ground based upon a price per acreage

and so they determined the the acreage

the best they could

times to buy the factor or the the cost

per acre factor that they determined and

and sold the property

later a few few months later these the

buyers approached us and says we really

want to know what we bought we want to

know if we got more or less the the

amount again it's after the fact and and

at this point it is what it is

and and there's no changing it and so we

we did survey it and determine that the

the acreage in this case was actually an

acre and a half larger so it was about

16 acres and so the the buyers got an

acre and a half basically for for

nothing because a survey wasn't done by

the by the sellers in this case that

equalled approximately seventy thousand

dollars that the the seller lost because

they did not pay for a fifteen hundred

dollar survey so again very important

especially when you're buying ground to

know the boundaries a boundary survey is

going to tell you that it's going to

tell you the things that I have depicted

here and and certainly in our opinion

very important again we appreciate you

purchasing what Realtors don't tell you

calm and the material we hope you find

success in your real estate adventures

as well as in your dream home and

different things that you are purchasing

the ground for we again appreciate it if

you have any questions please feel free

to email us on the the email provided on

the website thank you and have a good