My x-ray shows bone spurs and loose bodies- Do I need surgery?

you know when

people come with mris or x-rays that

have bone spurs and it could be a bone

spur in the lower back or in the knee

uh the bone spurs are there to actually


an unstable area i mean maybe a good


is when if anyone has a wood

cabinet door and the doors start hitting

where the doors start hitting in the

human body where two bones are hitting

that's going to cause an inflammatory


so if this keeps occurring over time in

other words if two bones are hitting

right here

then the body knows that there's

excessive motion because

bones are aligned within one to two

millimeters of each other

so in other words for a bone to start

hitting another bone and rubbing on each


that means that one bone subluxed why

because the connector of the bones is


and those are the ligaments so when you

get ligament laxity the bone subluxes

then the bones start hitting and where

they there's an inflammatory reaction

that's eventually going to cause a bone


now it's interesting over time if you

stop the reason why the bone spurs form

by doing prolotherapy or getting

receiving prolotherapy on a joint and

now the joint is stable

there's now no longer any reason for the

bone spur to occur

the body can over time reabsorb that

bone spur so that absolutely can happen

over time

or sometimes in the office what we do is

we do needle sporectomy where we numb

where the bone spurs we numb it and then

we take a needle and literally under

ultrasound guidance we just

start chipping away at it much like an

ice pick would

chip away at at ice you know you can you

can decrease the bones for enough where


doesn't cause any pain but again most of

the pain that people have

with joint problems comes from the


so doing treating the ligaments with

prolotherapy not only gets rid of the

pain but it also stops the reason that

the bone spurs formed in the first place

i'd say about once every few years we

actually do have to have somebody

go get arthroscopic surgery for loose

bodies in the joint

and most people don't realize loose

bodies are actually pieces of cartilage

that flaked off

or pieces of cartilage plus bone so

when a piece of cartilage flakes off

that leaves an osteochondral defect it

means that there basically is a place

where there's not

cartilage and or there's not the

underlying bone

so those would be situations where a

person might consider

getting a stem cell procedure

but i wouldn't just do the stem cell

procedure you should

also receive prolotherapy which would

stop the destructive joint motion that

led to the articular cartilage

cracks and what most people have to

realize though is most

loose bodies in a joint cause absolutely

no problem

and what happens is over time

the body will start smashing up

on its own it'll smash up those bone


also the bone spurs can dissolve

in the joint fluid you know the joint

fluid itself can

dissolve the loose body so unless the

loose body is continually getting caught

you know where a person the joint sticks

and the person has to shake off the

joint there's no reason to have

arthroscopic surgery i would

really encourage get an evaluation by

experienced prolotherapy

a clinic like caring medical in oak park


of fort myers florida and normally


can resolve the pain that you're having