What is a bone scan?

hello my name's Eiji and I'm a nuclear

medicine technologist here at MD

Anderson and today I want to explain to

you a little bit about how the bone scan

works the purpose of the bone scan is to

help your doctor evaluate how your bones

are working it provides information to

help diagnose and treat your condition

the scan can show injury to the bones

the effects of disease such as cancer or

infection any improvement or worsening

in a bone condition after any treatments

there is no special preparation for this

test you may eat and take your

medications as you normally do if you

are or think you may be pregnant or

breastfeeding please inform your

healthcare team during the appointment

there are two parts the nuclear medicine

bone scan the injection and the skin in

the first part you will receive an

injection of a small amount of

radioactive material into a pain you

will be asked to return to the imaging

area in about two hours for the second

part of your scan the radioactive

materials need time to be absorbed by

the bones during the two-hour wait you

may eat whatever your doctor has allowed

the radioactive material is eliminated

from your body through urine it is

important that you drink lots of fluid

to stay hydrated

your bones will be imaged with a nuclear

scanner before the scan remove any

metals you may be wearing for example

jewelry belt coins in your pocket you

will be asked to empty your bladder this

will prevent any radioactive urine from

blocking the pelvic bone during the scan

you will need to lie on your back during

the scan it is important to be very

still during scan as movement may blur

the image the scan takes about thirty

minutes there are no restrictions after

your bone scan your - will receive the

bone scan images and the test results

these findings will be shared with you

at your next appointment I hope this

video has given you more

about the bone scan for more information

please visit our MD Anderson website