Real Bomb Squad Defuses A Bomb In Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes • Professionals Play

- Is the button blue?

- [Dan] Yellow.

- [Chuck] Colored strip will light up

to the right of the module.

- Red.

- Release when the countdown timer has a one

in any position.

(timer beeping) (intense music)

- My name is Dan,

I'm a former US Army Airborne combat engineer.

Did five years of demo training

and blowing stuff up and jumpin' out of planes.

- I'm Chuck, Airborne infantryman, demolition trained.

Dan and I work together, doing technical advisory

and tactical work for film and television.

- He's my boss. (laughing)

Basic demolition training is

just lookin' to hookin' up charges,

hookin' up time fuse, calculating time fuse,

learn how the elements play into the effect

on explosives and all that stuff,

and it's basically just

how to not get yourself killed doin' it.

(Chuck laughs)

- Film and television, remember it's about storytelling,

and, especially, about excitement.

A lot of what anybody does in the military is,

it can be tedious, it can be boring,

and most things that you do aren't glamorous.

Nothing's ever the way it is in real life.

(timer beeping) (intense music)

- Is it pretty weird?

- It's odd 'cause I know you're right there.

- Eh, but I'm not. - But you're not right there.

Alright, ready? - Ready.

- [Dan] Oh, there's a bomb in front of me.

- Okay, grab a hold of bomb, flip it around,

and give me that serial number.

- [Dan] How do I pick it up?

Serial number, no serial number.

- Should be on one of the sides.

- Oh, on top, there we go.

Quebec, six, one, echo, charlie, four.

- Roger, alright, what's our first?

- First module is-- - The first subject.

- The hieroglyph one.

- Roger that, what are you lookin' at?

- A three-pronged trident, a C with a dot in the middle,

looks like a smiley face.

- Smiley face with a tongue out?

- Yup, the smiley face with a tongue out.

- Roger that. - I have to hit these

in a sequence of some sort,

I believe. - What's the fourth one?

- Fourth one is the upside down,

almost like the Tampa Bay logo,

T with a upside down P.

- Oh, okay, looks like a big B with

a little somethin' on top? - Yup.

- Press the four buttons in the order listed on here...

- Is this a regulation timer?

It's going pretty quick.

- What's the one in the top left?

- The top left is the trident.

- Okay, highlight that.

Okay, what's to its right?

- [Dan] The B with the T.

- Okay.

Wow, go to the smiley face. - Smiley face.

- [Chuck] Select it.

- [Dan] Good to go.

- Go to the Tampa Bay. - Tampa Bay, selected.

Alright, that module is done.

Yeah, wires, I got six wires.

- Okay, are any of 'em striped?

- Negative. (papers rustling)

Six wires, top and bottom are black,

and red and blue in the middle.

- How many reds, how many blues?

- Two blues, two reds. - Are there any yellows?

- No yellows. - 'Kay, if there are

no yellow wires, the last digit of the serial number.

- Four.

- Cut the fourth wire. - Cut the fourth wire?

- [Chuck] Yup.

- [Dan] Good to go.

- Okay, so just do the button.

Is the button blue? - Yellow.

- 'Kay, stand by, hold the button.

- Holding-- - And release when

the countdown timer has a five in any of its positions.

(buzzer buzzes) - What?

- The button's yellow, correct?

- Yup, and it's got a red flash next to it.

- Okay, hold the button. - Holding.

- [Chuck] Colored strip will light up

to the right of the module.

- Red. - Release when the countdown

timer has a one in any position.

(timer beeping) (intense music)


- Wow.

Well done, Dan. - De,


(triumphant music)

- Pretty fun. - Nailed it.

- I'm surprised. - Hey.

- I'm surprised we made it. - We're still here, man.

- My first ever time using VR, so, I like it.

(timer beeping) (intense music)

Two batteries, bravo, six, four,

victor, tango, zero.

- Roger, first module.

- First module, six wires.

- Six wires, are there yellow wires?

- Two yellow wires.

- Okay (chuffs).

Are there red wires?

- One red wire.

- Cut the fourth wire. - Cut the fourth wire.

Good to go.

Big button.

- Okay. - Blue button

and it says, abort.

- Okay, if the button is blue and the button says, abort.

Hold. - Holding.

Yellow stripe.

- Anything with a five in any position.

- [Dan] Anything with a five,

good to go. - Alright.

- One of the greens is far left column,

second from the top.

- Roger. - Other green is,

far right column, third from the top.

I am on the left, third down from the top,

and the goal is,

second column,

second from the-- - You're in the

far left column? - Yes.

- Third from the top? - Third from the top.

And the red triangle is,

second column, two from the,

or one from the bottom.

- One from the bottom,

second column? - Yup.

- Okay, down.

- Down.

- Down. - Down.

- Right. - Right.

- Right. - That's good to go.

And the top word is, hold on.

(papers rustling)

- Okay, time?

- 3:25 - Okay,

bottom right?

- [Dan] Bottom right is the word, like.

- Okay, here's the sequence.

You're, next-- - Which your is it?

- With an apostrophe. - With an apostrophe,

good to go, next word is, first.

- Okay, top right.

- Top right is the word, you're, with an apostrophe.

- Here's the sequence.

You, You're, apostrophe-- - You?

Got it, good to go. - Alright.

- T-H-E-R-E.

- E-R-E, bottom right?

- Bottom right is the word, blank.

- 'Kay, here's the sequence.

Wait, right, okay.

- Right, R-I-G-H-T? - Yes.


- Bam, nailed it.

- That it? - Nailed it.

- Is that a winner winner,

chicken dinner? - That's a winner,

that's a winner. - Alright (laughs).

- That's a winner,

where's my-- - What was the time?

- Where's my stuffed animal?

(triumphant music)

(timer beeping) (intense music)

- [Dan] Serial number alpha, three, four,

sierra, zulu, two.

- [Chuck] Roger, first module.

- [Dan] Got the flat top six.

- Yup. - The trident.

Looks like a puzzle piece. - Hold on one second.

Flat top six, trident.

- The puzzle piece. - Got it.

- [Dan] And a backwards N,

with a U on above. - Roger that.

Flattened six. - Flattened six.

- Puzzle piece. - Puzzle piece.

- Trident. - Trident.

- Weird H. - Oh, we got the maze.

The one green dot is top row, second column.

- Hold on, top row, oh, okay.

Top row, second column, got it.

And the other one is a green below it.

- And you have it directly below,

all the way at the bottom.

I am third up from the bottom, on the far left,

and the goal is-- - Third from the bottom,

on the far left. - Yeah, that's me.

- Okay, and what-- - And then--

- What's the goal? - The triangle is,

one up from the bottom, fourth row in.

- Fourth row from the left? - Fourth column in

from the left, yeah.

- Okay, down. - Down.

- Down again. - Down.

- Right. - Right.

- Right. - Right.

- Right. - Right.

- Right. - Right.

- Up. - Up.

- [Chuck] Left.

- Good to go. - Boom.

- Ooh, Simon says.

Oh, you've-- - Alright.

- Scurred the scheister.

- Alright.

- Got red flashing.

- Okay, hold on, our serial number contains a vowel.

- Yes, it does, there is a A,

I believe. - Yup, there's an A in there,


The red button's flashing, correct?

- Red button flashing.

- Hit blue. - Blue.

Now, it goes red, blue.

- Okay, then go blue, red.

- [Dan] Blue, red, okay.


Red, blue, blue.

- Go blue, red, red.

- Blue, red, red. (ringing)

Oh, we nailed it!

- Yeah! - We nailed it!

- (laughs) We nailed this-- - I wanna high five you,

but I don't know where you're--

(triumphant music)

- Alright, that was-- - Solid work.

good work, man. - I kinda want this game, now.

(laughing) - This is a fun game.

- Fun game.

It went well.

- A lot better than I-- - Bombs disposed of.

- Than I thought I would do. - And, yeah, interesting game.

- We work pretty good under pressure.

Chaos is our calm.

Me describing somethin' to him,

and him havin' the same mental picture

in his head is the award I'm lookin' at,

which is probably, it's pretty accurate,

when it comes to diffusing bombs and stuff like that.

- Invite us back, we'd love to see

if you guys can maybe make this game a little bit harder,

and add some more modules, cut that time down,

longer manual with more directions in it,

that always makes things harder,

so, you don't skip any sequences,

so, if you want to change things up

and have us play it again, we'd love to.

(exultant music)

- Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel,

and now, your part.

- [Together] Subscribe here.

- That was my part.