What to Wear with Cowboy Boots: BOLO TIES!

so you got your cowboy boots and you

have your belt buckles but what else can

you wear that goes with cowboy boots

well I have just the thing

bolo ties everybody my name is Jeremiah

Craig thanks for stopping by my channel

again and today I want to talk about

bolo ties personally I have never been a

fan of the traditional fabric ties I

mean the whole way that you have to line

them up right and then make sure you tie

it right I always end up going too short

or too long and it's just a real pain in

the ass and I just really am NOT a fan

of how they look in general but when I

finally found bolo ties I knew that this

was the style of tie for me now I

usually take the same approach to bolo

ties that I do with belts and I like to

match the color of bolo tie with my belt

and my boots now we'll get into a couple

of different things but there are ways

that you can get around that I've

noticed but I want to start off with

this bolo tie that I have it's from

Phoenix Arizona and I got it from one of

my friends back there it is a turquoise

bolo tie black so this would go the best

with my black boots

now I've worn this on several occasions

this was my only bolo tie for the

longest time and usually it's just as

simple as this slide it up done like

that's as simple as bolo ties are and

they look great I mean doesn't this look


I love the feel of a simple bolo tie it

adds a little bit of class right here

where the tie is supposed to be but you

don't have

so much flapping around on your chest

that you feel awkward I mean even going

into the bathroom you see lots of guys

take their tie throw it over their

shoulder you know in this really

dramatic gesture you don't even need to

do that with this you don't need to

worry about having a whole bunch of

extra fabric out in the world like this

is just a few pieces of leather hanging

from the bolo tie itself the the pendant


it's just simple its sleek its

minimalist and I really like the feel of

it and it doesn't get too hot during the

day either I noticed that when you have

all this extra fabric at your neck with

traditional ties it just gets really hot

sometimes not these so that's my

turquoise black bolo tie that I would

wear with my black boots now let's get

into a more neutral color that I feel

like I could wear with both black boots

brown boots or any other color for that

matter I got this horsehair bolo tie

from wall drug you know that huge

touristy location in North Dakota I

think where it's just this Western store

and if you're driving on 90 you can't

miss it because there's signs for it

everywhere but I picked this up because

I noticed that it is super neutral like

this would work with either brown boots

or black boots or grey boots any color

boot because the horsehair is tan and

the pendant here is just a neutral

silver I really like this bolo tie I

think it's my favorite actually no I

have a new favorite and that's the next

one but I enjoy this one because it is

so versatile this bolo tie will go with

pretty much anything and it's very

classy as well so the bolo tie is very

versatile and I feel like this one

really states

how flexible and versatile they are

across different styles and different

colors of boots and belts as well this

horse hair tan bolo tie is definitely

the way to go if you're not sure that

you want to make an investment into

multiple bolo ties so I'll try to link

this up and if not I'll try to find one

similar to it that you can find in the

description below if you're interested

in just starting out in bolo ties having

a neutral one like this is definitely a

way to go if you're just starting out I

think this next bolo tie is my new


I just got it for Christmas from my

fiance it is an antler bolo tie this is

a real antler and I like the fact that

you can get really unique independent or

style that you have on the bolo tie

itself there are several different

things that you can do and this is very

very cool I love the look of this I love

the feeling of it and I would wear this

mainly with brown boots just because it

it has the brown leather and it just

looks so sleek and so rustic I love the

look of this antler bolo tie it's my new

favorite like I said and I've been I've

been also enjoying just sort of wearing


the pendant much lower on the bolo tie

as well sort of making it really a

casual look so you can sort of play

around with where you put the pendant

depending on the occasion for very

casual events you know you could wear it

someplace in the middle or for more

formal events you can wear the pendant

way up here and sort of button but this

isn't a super formal bolo tie still I

love the look and I love the personality

that it has

so that is my sort of overview of bolo

ties like I said I like to match the

colors to my boots but there are several

different ways that you can get around

that with the neutral colors of tan

horse hair and maybe a silver or gold

pendant something that works with both

brown and black as you know in some of

my previous videos I do not like

clashing between Browns and black colors

it's just not my style I always get

uncomfortable if I am at a public

function or some or like at work or

something and I'm clashing with Browns

and blacks it's just it just doesn't

feel right to me so that's what I got

today if you have any comments about

this types of bolo ties that you like be

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thank you so much for hanging out with

me today and I'll catch you next time


bolo tight bolo tag why don't you try

the bolo tie throw that fabric down the

line try the bolo tie on for size


bolo tie


my name is Jeremiah Craig peace