The process of a cremation and a crematorium WARNING!!! GRAPHIC

Denis tubes how's it going well as you

guys all know

here and you don't really see much of

like you know the embalming crap because

I don't do any of that thank the frig Oh

what an awful job that be but I also

don't do the cremation stuff here to

thank Frigg either because I would be

just as bad but I did happen to find a

video here that I wanted to show you

guys if you didn't know the process of

the cremation and you know cooking the

guy barbecue all that stuff and process

and what's left of him after I got a

video here found that I'm going to post

on my channel here course too and just

sort of bring you guys up and show you

how how all that works so I must tell

you too that it's uh somewhat graphic

and I don't know what else you'd say

forward other than graphic but if you're

squeamish at all you maybe shouldn't

watch this video because they don't seem

to hold anything back they show you

right from throwing the guy in the box

right to scraping them out after so it's

pretty pretty nasty so just before

warned that it's pretty graphic