How to Calculate Board Feet Lumber and Cost | Material Estimator

Now let me show you how to use the Material Estimator's board feet lumber

function to determine your board feet and lumber costs.

First off, it works in unitless entries just the way you say it.

For example, 2 by 4 by 8 - Say we need 20 pieces of

2 x 4 x 12. The way you put that in is

[2] [x] [4] [x] [1][2].

I'm going to hit [Conv] and over the [8] key it says Board Feet.

So that 2 x 4 x 12 is 8 board feet and I need 20 of those. So [x]

[2][0] [=]

160 board feet. I can put that in the memory and store

that, move on to my next item on my lumber list. That's a

2 x 12 x 20. No, that's probably too big. Let's go with a 2 x 6 x 20

[2] [x] [6] [x] [2][0]

[Conv] [8] (board feet)

That's 20 board feet and I needed 30 pieces of that. [x][3][0] pieces

equals 600 board feet. Put that in the memory.

Now I can recall that total out of memory. I need 760 board feet


My cost on this is about $375 per thousand

board feet. I can just say [x] [3][7][5]

hit [Conv] and over the [0] key it says Cost.

Gives me a cost of about $285 worth of lumber


You can also calculate or convert cubic volumes to board feet. So you know

that a board foot is really 144 cubic inches.

Do an All Clear there. So say you've got that same dimension, that 2 x 4 x 12

We would go [2] [Inch]

[x] [4][Inch] [x]

[1][2] [Feet] long.

Gives us some small number of cubic yards. You can also see that as

cubic inches or cubic feet, but really we're most interested here in board feet. So

[Conv] over the [8] is Board Feet. There's the same 8 board feet for that size lumber.

So that's a quick overview on the board feet, lumber and cost functions. For more

details you can download our user's guide at www.calculated.com/support.