BNI: Group 1-2-1's

hi my name is Carrie sutala and I am the

owner and chief creative officer of wild

fig marketing I'm also a director

consultant with BNI now what I first

started my business I found that on

average I spent about 3 to 4 hours a

week doing one-to-ones

with new members and members of my

chapter and it was fantastic I was

meeting a lot of great people making

some good connections but what happened

is as my business continued to grow I

found that it was harder and harder to

do 3 - 4 1 - once a week and yet I knew

they were really really important and so

what I decided to do was implement group

1 - once into my BNI marketing plan now

here's how I set up a group 1 to 1

typically I'll reach out to nine other

people so we do 10 one two ones within

an hour ideally within 50 minutes with

some additional time for connecting with

those that you met sometimes the the

one-to-ones i personally invite people

sometimes I open them up to the region

the whole entire Minnesota Wisconsin

region and sometimes I'll reach out to

my referral partners and engage them in

a group one-to-one but basically how

they work is each person brings to that

one to one something that they're

looking for now it might be you know

they're perfect referral some referral

partners they might even have a new idea

on a product or service that they want

to run by the group first and get some

some feedback or it could even be

something like a marketing idea that

they're looking for and looking for some


so they take one minute to tell us what

it is that they're looking for and then

the next four minutes the group

brainstorms ideas so that when we leave

not only have we met and connected with

nine other people in an hour which is

awesome we also get an opportunity to to

learn more about what we were looking

for and get some help and some guidance

so I have found group 1ch wants to be

super effective we are going to be

hosting some within the region and I'll

be having some at our office in

Burnsville would love to have you there

please click on the links below for more

information or if you have some

questions about one to group one to ones

and how they work feel free to reach out

to me

thank you and have a great day