5 Types of Blog Posts You Need to Be Writing

ever wonder what content you should

write next for your blog in this video

you'll discover the five types of blog

content that makes for a great content

marketing strategy hi I'm Shane morass

from thrive themes and let's get right

into it

there are five types of blog posts that

if you create all of them you will have

a very rich blog and it will make for a

really good content marketing strategy

that attracts many people in many

different ways and also supports the

conversion goals the business goals of

your website the first type of content

is epic content and this I think is the

type of content that gets the most

coverage people love to talk about epic

content the idea here is that you create

a piece of content that is great in

scope and in ambition you create

something like an ultimate guide to

something in your market for example and

the idea is that this is the kind of

post that's very extensive very thorough

and very very useful it's the kind of

content that should make people come to

your website look at this content and be

impressed just be impressed with how

much research you put into it how

knowledgeable you are about this and how

much value you're giving out for free so

epic content is a great content type

it's the kind of content tends to get a

lot of shares tend to get a lot of

attention but it also is very resource

intensive to create and if you try to

make only epic content that's actually

not the best marketing strategy you can

use it's actually when you start

combining epic content with the other

four content types that things really

start coming together

so the second content type is conversion

content converting content is content

you create with a specific conversion

goal in mind an example of this could be

if you sell products a blog post about a

case study of how your product was used

or a tutorial for how to use your

product for a specific use case so this

is useful content but at the same time

it ties in very closely with your

product so people will read that they'll

see the case that it'll go oh I want

this result as well

and they'll see from the content well

this product was used to get this

results I'm going to buy this product I

think that's what makes it conversion

content it can also be more subtle than

that basically any kind of content where

maybe you're teaching people something

that they need to know in order to

become a customer viewers so you're

helping people reach the level of

understanding in the market that will

make them be able to appreciate your

offer and that will turn them into an

ideal customer for your offer so anytime

you're creating content where you know

I'm teaching this I'm putting this

together in order to move people towards

my conversion goal that is conversion

content this is also an important type

of content to think about integrating

your marketing strategies you want to

ask yourself what kind of stuff should I

write about to help people understand my

offer what kind of different customer

avatars do I have and how can I make

content how can I create tutorials or

tell stories that appeal to these

different types of customer avatars the

third type of content is story and

branding content so story and branding

content is content that you primarily

create to communicate what you stand for

what kind of a person you are or if it's

not a personal brand what your brand

stands for and what kind of a company

you are this is the kind of content that

gives your business and your brand a

personal touch it's the kind of content

that makes people feel like I'm not just

buying some product from some anonymous

faceless company I feel like these

people get me and I can stand behind

their message a good example of story

and branding content is a ramp right if

you may be really fed up with something

that's happening in your industry and

you make a rant about that and obviously

there's no real that's not really epic

content and it's not there's not a clear

conversion goal you're not trying to get

people to buy or sing you're just angry

about something that's happening in your

market but it's a really good kind of

content to create because it

communicates what kind of a person you

are it communicates what you stand for

it's also the kind of thing that people

can rally

round so any kind of storytelling and

branding content is content where you

communicate what you stand for what you

believe in and who you are

the first kind of content you should be

creating is reference content this can

be very simple basically if there are

concepts you keep referring to it is

good to make a post about that concept

which simply defines what does this mean

and then every time you refer to that in

the future in future blog posts you can

simply link back to that post that says

here's what that means that way you're

not repeating yourself all the time

you're not you're not trying to re

explain concepts all the time and for

your marketing and for your branding you

should have concepts

you should have concepts that you've

named which again goes into the branding

and stories having stuff that you

believe in that you keep repeating that

you keep referring to and the reference

post is where you simply define that for

people who've never heard of it before

and finally the fifth kind of content

you should create is product updates so

that is if you have a product or service

software anything like that whenever you

do something new so maybe you added some

new lessons to your course you added a

feature to your software you've changed

something about your offer then you make

a post on your blog explaining what the

change is what the new thing is what it

does this can be very very simple

content often very easy to create but it

also makes people very happy people like

to get product new so you know if you

have a course people who bought the

course they love hearing that you've

added a new lesson or that you've

refined one of the modules or something

like that and of course if you have

software you add new features people

love getting new features it's basically

exciting news and it it can be

disproportionate in terms of how easy it

is to create that blog post compared to

how excited people can get about it it

can be a very very positive kind of

content to create so those are the five

types of content that as I said if you

mix all of them together make for a

really really powerful blog because some

of these types of content attract

traffic get social shares and so on

while others build your brand build your

fan base and others lead

two conversions so let me know if you

have any questions about these blog post

types and for more information and


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