How To Use A Blind Hem Foot

Hey everyone! This is Sarah with sewingpartsonline.com and today we're going to go over

how to use the blind hem foot.

This is the foot the pros use to make sure their hems are


On this piece of fabric you can see (well I don't know if you can see), but there is a little white line right here

and that is what this foot

will do for us effortlessly.

So, here is the

blind hem foot.

This is snap on blind hem foot. You can see it has the little bar right there to snap on.

This big white part is the guide.

We'll explain exactly what that is when we start stitching.

And this is the adjustable wheel. So, you'll move this and it'll

make this part either go further in or further out.

So, let's so ahead and install it. It's really easy, all you're going to do it remove the foot you have on,

and clip it on like that.

That's all there is to it.

So, let's just pretend that this the cuff of a shirt or maybe a pair of pants

you need to hem.

This is the raw edge you've turned under,

turn it again, or you can just

serge this and not even worry about it.

If your not going to serge, just turn it under twice

And now all you do is take this hem part

and fold

it back

just a little bit.

So, this is part of the hem, this is the wrong side of the fabric,

this is the hem, this is the part that our needle is just going to barely nip.

It's going to barely touch it.

The least amount that you can grab it

and still, you know, hold the hem together

is what you want.

So, what we do is put it under our foot.

just start [with the needle] in the middle.

And what we do with this adjustable

blind hem foot is it allows us to

move the guide

where we need it to be

Right now, I would be grabbing too much of the fabric.

So, I'm going to go ahead and figure out where i want my needle to make nip it.

I want it to nip it

right there. When it zigzags over, I want it to just barely nip. So I can see right here,

it just barely nips. Then, I'm going to go ahead and screw my guide to match

the position that I like

for my needle.

So, here we go.

And my machine is actually on a


right now. I have it, it's like number 17.

As long as I have it up along that guide,

it will

grab the fabric for me.

When we turn it over,

I used white thread so you could see it, but as you can see it lays completely flat

and it's like there is no hem there at all.

It's nice and even, exactly what we want.

If this was blue thread, you wouldn't even be able to tell it's there.

So that was the blind hem foot. You can use it on all different kinds of fabric.

You can use it with your wovens, you can use it with your knits. Although if you do use

it with knits, I do suggest you starching it first.

Just so it doesn't move around on you.

You can use it on upholstery fabric as well.

So, to purchase your blind hem foot, visit us online at sewingpartsonline.com

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