Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Official Trailer

YELENA: I tell people my sister

moved out west.


YELENA: You’re a science teacher.

YELENA: Your husband...

he renovates houses.

YELENA: You’re thinking about moving

but you’re gonna wait until

the interest rates go down.

NATASHA: That’s not my story.

[NATASHA laughs]


NATASHA: Before I was an Avenger...

...I made mistakes...

...and a lot of enemies.

YELENA: His call sign’s Taskmasker.

YELENA: He controls the Red Room.

YELENA: They’re manipulated...

...fully conscious, but no choices.

NATASHA: I should have come back for you.

How many others are there?

YELENA: Enough.

[Drumming intensifies]


NATASHA: We have to go back

to where it all started...

...so they never do that to anyone again.

ALEXEI: We are family...

ALEXEI: we fight with you.

MELINA: You won’t win.

MELINA: I always found it best...

...not to look into the past.

YELENA: Okay, you got a plan

or shall I just stay, duck, and cover?

NATASHA: My plan was to drive us away!

YELENA: Well, your plan sucks.


NATASHA: At some point we all

have to choose...

...between what the world wants you to be...

...and who you are.

[Drums intensify]

[Heavy gunfire]

NATASHA: I made my choice...

NATASHA: ...I’m done running.




NATASHA: Here’s what’s gonna happen...

MELINA: Natasha, don’t slouch.

NATASHA: I'm not slouching.

MELINA: You’re going to get the back hunch.

ALEXEI: Hm, listen to your mother.

NATASHA: Oh my God this...

ALEXEI: Up, up!

NATASHA: Alright, enough. All of you.

YELENA: I didn’t say anything,

that’s not fair.