How a BJJ Gi Should Fit - Travis Stevens

Travis Stephens here Olympic silver

medalist and Enzo greasy black belt to

give you a little bit of insight on how

you want your jutsu G to fit one of the

first things we want to look at actually

isn't the top but it's gonna be the

pants and the first thing I check for is

to make sure my pant cuff is just above

my ankle that way if there's a little

bit of shrinkage I'm still compliant I

don't want to make sure I have too much

drag here on my knees when I'm moving

around as we can see when we're sideways

the pant cuff is still staying down some

of the pants are really tapered on the

market so if we see we shrink when we go

like this it really talks nice and high

and up it makes it hard to move when

were trained and live I like to be a

little bit more free with my pants as

we're moving around you can also try to

just do you know a basic squat make sure

you have some movement and some mobility

without the restriction you're tired

you're training that restrictions really

gonna come into play so we're gonna take

a look at the top we're gonna throw it

on there I'm gonna pull it in nice and

tight make sure it fits nothing actually

comfortable the next thing we want to

check is just the overlap of the collars

here we're gonna go nice and flat for

the stomach here give it a little pull

make sure it fits nice to the chest

you'll notice there's not a lot of extra

fabric we're nice and flat from the back

we meet our butt line down here

everything's crossing over really nice

for looking good so far

next thing I want to check out is my

sleeve length so once I get everything

down I'm gonna go stick my arms out give

it a little tug and I want to make sure

I point my wrist up and I get a little

bit of touching here okay when I first

tied on the key that's what I want to

see I don't want to see a little bit

like that that's better I also want to

make sure I'm not trying to reach to get

to the cuff I really want to make sure

that meets my wrist bone that way you

know six months three months later when

the keys like a little tattered and a

little shrunk it's gonna have a little

bit of shrinkage we like to call it a

cuff link that way we're hitting the

right at the wrist bone with Iggy's now

in an and is fit and even better the

next thing we check is the thumb test

okay we're just gonna go arm straight

down thumbs up where we touch our

shoulders next test big chest open up

make sure that he doesn't come out of

the belt we have a lot of nice mobility

moving the arms around and the last

thing I check for once everything's all

set is me and my stance where I come

forward give myself a little shrug and I

can shorten those sleeves up making it

hard to grip and that's what we look for

in a geek