The 6 Characteristics of a Bitter Person

a bitter person finds it impossible to

speak peaceably with others in their

family what does that mean it means that

people who are in emotional pain and

people who are bitter kick anyone who

gets close to the wound it's their

primary defense mechanism let me give

you an example if we were out hiking and

climbing up in the woods and you fell

off some rocks and had a tragic accident

where you broke your leg and it was a

compound fracture where the bone is

actually protruding from the leg and I

came to you and I said listen we've got

to get you to the hospital just hold on

there for just a minute I've got some

guys coming we've got a stretcher we're

going to move you and get you to the

hospital but we can't move you in this

condition I've got to somehow just get

that bone back through your pant leg and

line it back up and then we'll put some

bark around it and then we'll duct tape

it and hold it and immobilize it so we

can the move you and I said listen all

you have to do is just wait because

there's one gonna take me about 30

seconds to pull that bone back through

there and line it up and so as I reach

down for your right ankle to do that I

only have one question what are you

going to do with your left foot

well you're gonna kick me why don't you

know I'm trying to help you sure you do

it's not a question of knowledge it's a

question of pain and people who are in

pain kick the very people who are

closest to them and who are trying to

help the second characteristic of a

better person is that they speak with

barbed and cutting words hurting others

deeply words to a person who has bitter

on like weapons they're home to

perfection they wield those words like

knives a critical on a caustic spirit

becomes their ally and the slightest

injury becomes major and they struggle

in maintaining relationships bitter

people are people who are wrapped in

barbed wire the third characteristic of

a bitter person is that a bitter person

uses language characterized by hostility

and suspicion

you see hostility and suspicion consumed

tremendous amounts of emotional energy a

person may feel safe but they are very

isolated and alone it's like feeding a

dog at mealtime and you reach down to

grab his bowl because you want to put

something else in it and as soon as you

get down there the dog is car starts to

growl well that growling serves a

purpose it gives the dog a sense of

control but the dog who is growling

cannot eat while he's growling so

literally at that point when he is

growling he's starving to death a bitter

person has emotional guard dogs

constantly on duty the fourth

characteristic of a bitter person is

that a bitter person criticizes what

others say or do by pointing out others

faults they don't have to focus on their

own criticism gives justification

it keeps accusers at bay the easiest way

to build themselves up cut other people

down and that's the life of a better

person the fifth characteristic is that

a bitter person disrespects others and

is unthankful a bitter person has a

difficult time showing respect for

others and it is especially evident in

their inability to show gratitude

you see gratitude says I have a need and

if I have a need then I'm weak if I'm

weak then I could be vulnerable if I'm

vulnerable I could get hurt if I could

get hurt I can feel pain so don't show

gratitude I don't want to feel pain so

don't be weak don't be needy bitterness

robs them of joy and in turn

thankfulness the sixth characteristic is

that a bitter person rehearses the past

over and over again by rehearsing the

past over and over again their batteries

are recharged with recharge batteries

they can create verbal silver bullets so

that they can use these in a moment's

notice bitter people are not free to

enjoy the present and there certainly

can't look forward to the future so

they're locked into the past