How to Write a Professional Biography

today I'm going to teach you how to

write a biography first you're going to

want to organize you're going to want to

breakdown resume personal

accomplishments and any awards the

person's won next you're going to want

to analyze you're going to want to

narrow down all of these accomplishments

Awards resume high points and figure out

what the most pertinent is what are the

strong points out of all this info next

you're going to want a brainstorm be as

creative as possible and think of any

ideas that might help bring you to life

your biography should contain one

introductory paragraph and three shorter

paragraphs called body paragraphs this

is where you talk about your job your

upbringing any details that add a little

color about your life after you've

completed this you're going to want to

edit look at each individual sentence

and see if you can polish it and make it

Sparkle just a little bit more now it's

time to rewrite if you haven't added

color before here's the phase where you

can do so you can add humor dialogue try

experimenting and be a little creative

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