Things To Know When Buying A Bench Vise


welcome back to working brothers I

wanted to give my two cents on like a

beginner's guide to bench vices I've

done a lot of research over the last few

weeks probably four or five hours worth

looking for what bench vise I wanted to

get because this erlan four and a half

inch vise was just not quite cutting it

anymore I had a lot of projects I was

working on where the jaws just wouldn't

open up wide enough for me to clamp in

my workpiece I have three different

bench vices here all three of them are

cast-iron all three of them are rated at

30,000 psi this one might not be but I

know these two are that's kind of the

standard typical pressure rating that

I've seen for these cast iron most cast

iron by devices I'm not going to talk a

whole lot about this one this is just a

good like carry with you go anywhere

bikes for sharpening chainsaws building

I'm gonna avoid the g-word here boom

sticks I've used it for that and it's

just kind of a good like craft vise is

probably what I would put it under but

these two I would consider DIY shop

vices so again this is the Irwin four

and a half inch bench by being pick it

up Lowe's for $29.99 and this is the

central forge I'm pretty sure that's

what Harbor Freight calls it puts the

Harbor Freight six-inch bench vise so

far I've really had it for a very short

time but it works just fine I kind of

abused it the first night I did more to

it than I ever would plan on doing to it

regularly to make sure that there was no

quality control issues and I just got a

bad buys and so I made sure that that it

was in good shape and seems to hold up

just fine so I'm only going to use it

what it was intended for one of the

things that was frustrating to me was

that I saw a bunch of people who were

reviewing this Harbor Freight bench vise

giving it one and two star reviews

because they broke the jaws on it I know

that a lot of people's mindsets about

vices aren't the information I'm

providing from everything

I gathered but a cast-iron bench vise is

kind of a general utility vise for

general tasks it is not meant to have

pieces of steel put in it fold it over

it it's not a hydraulic press you're not

pressing in bearings like I saw one guy

said he was doing when he broke it and

he gave it a one-star review that's not

what these cast-iron vices are made for

to me there are three major materials

that bench vices are made from and one

kind of sub material there's cast iron

which all three these are that's your

basic like run-of-the-mill big-box store

what they have in stock bench vices then

second would be cast steel these are

cast iron

there's cast steel which are about

60,000 psi was what I kind of saw an

average for those and then then there's

the ductile steel or sorry ductile cast

iron which I saw them being rated at

like 65 thousand psi so just about the

same as the cast steel ones and then one

step above that and I might be missing

something but this is what I gathered is

the forged steel bench vices those are

the bench vices that you could probably

get away with pressing bearings in you

can put cheater bars on the clamping

tool here you can take a sledgehammer to

it and they're not going to break most

of those I found have lifetime

warranties most of these cast-iron bench

vices don't carry lifetime warranties so

just be sure of that that you know what

you're buying when you're getting it

here if you're buying a cast-iron bench

vise you're not purchasing something to

just hammer on it's kind of a third hand

kind of to you know do general tasks

that you know people might need to do I

use mine to hold steel to weld on all

the time because I don't actually have a

welding table in here

limited on space I don't know when I'm

going to be able to stick one of those

in here site off and well on my bench

vices I painted on this it's kind of a

third hand keep stuff off the floor off

the wooden table things like that and

I'm not saying that that's all you can

do with them you can actually use these

things and be a little bit Honore to

them but they're not made to press

bearings like I said to I you know be a

break for bending steel and stuff like

that that's just not what they're made

for and you're gonna break them and then

you're gonna get mad and go give them a

one-star review skewing the results that

other people have had for guys like me

that are searching this out I went read

through all the one and two star reviews

some of them might have been quality

control issues and it kind of seemed

like they were older reviews where the

newer ones were more positive but a lot

of those guys definitely were abusing

this cast iron vise you know this is a

beginner's guide to bent vices you know

you're gonna go out and purchase your

first maybe your second one so from what

I can tell I paid forty eight bucks for

this I paid twenty nine for this I can

do way more with the six Finch vise then

I can with this four and a half inch

vise and I only paid eighteen dollars

more for this six-inch price now I'm not

too sure about the quality and

durability of it yet because again I've

had it for a short time but I did you

know abuse it a little bit lightly to

make sure that it would handle what I

was doing now should you stop it just

getting any cast iron vise I don't know

depends on what you want to do for me I

really plan to get a six inch forged

steel bench vise or just extremely

expensive and I don't have that kind of

budget right now so for now the six inch

is going to do fine but again I would

eventually like to get a much better

bench vise that I can pass down one of

my kids they can probably pass down to

one of their kids so on and so forth

they should last forever that's pretty

much everything I wanted to cover on

these don't imbues them it's cast iron

they're not meant to be hydraulic

presses so on and so forth I've already

set it using what there

and they'll serve you just fine let me

know down in the comments below what

your first bench vise was and what

material was made out of just because

I'm curious as well as what your

preferred bench vise brand is or a

favorite favorite bench vise that you

have just so I know for future reference

because again I would like to upgrade

someday so thanks for watching working

brothers I hoped you enjoyed the guide

the beginner's guide to bench vices and

hopefully there is some useful

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