How to Make a Bench Scraper / Dough Knife | Woodworking / DIY

welcome back to the workshop so what do

you do after you've already made

everyone in your family a cutting board

well make a whole crap-ton of these bed

scrapers let's get started first step is

to cut down the stainless steel each

piece is 4 inches by 6 inches so I put a

cut off wheel my circular saw and went

to work just make sure you're cutting

them the correct side of the sawhorse


well it turns out sparks and cargo don't

mix very well but the day is saved by my

expert firefighting skills

next I cleaned up anything at a square

with flat disc Amani grinder


after that I cleaned up any rough

patches on the belt grinder



then I use my random local de santé to

clean up any tool marks on the synthesis

started what they need when other way it

supported it and it turns out the corner

grid is pretty close to the finish that

you see on muskets insane the steel


now it's time to the mid working on this

working channel I got some ancient 1/2

an inch and a half by 12 turning blanks

I cut them down into four pieces

I saved the bait inside the storm each

piece of the wood you'll see why any of

the end of the video to cut the slot for

the blade I pulled it towards name in

the bandsaw in order to see the line I

found out if I wiggled the wood back and

forth the kerf widgets the perfect side

for the stainless steel

I took one of the handles let's cast out

a profile in it then I cut it out sanded

it smooth and used it as a template for

the rest of the handles


after I cut out each one it's time to

shape them wear gloves for this if you

haven't accidentally sanded yourself

with a 36 grit belt

well it's something you want to avoid

ask me how I know


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after they're all roughed out with 36

grit I switched to a 120 grit belt in

the backside of the grinder had the

perfect amount of slack to smooth out

the curves then I finish them up with

220 grit on the random orbital sander

assign each handle a blade and then used

epoxy to attach them


there's a small bevel in the blade so I

ground that up next


time for the sawdust I say I put a small

dab of superglue on the end of the

handles and then fill it in with sawdust

to have the gap in bandsaw left

then I sanded it smoother clean up any

epoxy the leader in the new life


I did a final 400 sanding on each blade

put some salad bowl finish on the

handles and we're done



alright thanks for watching that was a

lot of fun I got to play with some metal

got to play with some wood and they

turned out pretty pretty pretty nice

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