Box Spring Vs Foundation (Finally a replacement for that old box-spring!)

hi guys nowadays everything has changed

with the bed and a box mattress they're

heavier that's why they tell you exactly

how the foundation is supposed to be or

should be so it can carry this heavy



the SAS should be only a few inches

apart not like this example and they're

like feet apart

and this can hurt your back entirely and

when you purchase a mattress now all

nighters companies show you a exact

picture on how this foundation or base

is supposed to be or should be keep in

mind a lot of companies sell their own

foundations or bases that are made

especially to carry this heavy mattress

unlike a box spring that is useless

right now it's not going to do a good

job supporting your mattress this thing

should be on the clear I want to show

you box springs versus bases or

foundations this is I am probably going

to say I used to have because I want to

put it on the curb outside for both

pickup so I can't wait for it now I've

had it for a long time I had to remove

this for you to show what's inside and

what's going on on inside that box

spring of course ah but this thing is

bulky it's big it's heavy and if you

happen to follow me or read my post

if there's one thing I hate compact

that's easy to fold that I think can

really work with me and this is where

the new base or foundation now we're

talking about this is one of them comes

they come in handy they are super easy

to assemble and this is sample I have a

some of this month maybe seen a movie in

a video this is the Lisa Foundation no

tools required that's everything you

need right here this is that four pins

come in each and every corner four

corners the slots are

in case and this amazing beautiful


you're supposed to be sturdy and last

longer and rubber to carry your current

mattress now yes I'm gonna do I'm going

to disassemble it and show you how easy

it is to put it in your car and take it

wherever you want with you