How to use Turkish Exfoliating Bath Hammam Hamam Glove Mitt Kese

welcome to natural Turkish bath or as we

say in Turkish wash Gallinas in this

video we will look at how to get most

out of our exfoliating myths and how to

use them safely if you are using your

mid for the first time start by washing

it with soap and hot water by hand and

rinse well your mitts will shrink no

need to worry about this since this is

expected Turkish bath mates should be

used without soap or shower gel except

the suds in mate which can be used with

soap first stay in the shower or bath

for 10 to 15 minutes so that your skin

becomes softer and more receptive your

mid is also effective after use of sauna

or steam room but always make sure that

you are well hydrated when you are ready

with your mid and wring it start

applying it with long strokes and side

to side movements whilst you are still

in the shower or bath don't stay in the

same area for too long

including your back which may feel less

sensitive during your first use apply

light pressure if you feel comfortable

with this after your shower or bath ends

the next day you can increase the

pressure when you use your myth next

time ten days later always increase the

pressure over time slightly soon you

will probably start seeing some Brown

dead skin with dirt coming off your body

this is natural and it is more likely to

happen if your skin has been under the

Sun if it is dry and if you have some

accumulated dirt on your skin don't wash

this dead skin off until

you finish all your body since it will

help remove more dead skin again

remember to be gentle at first few uses

until you understand how the meat works

and how your skin reacts to it it's

normal for skin to get a little pinkish

after use but over use on the same area

can cause irritation stop using it if

you feel uncomfortable this means you

have applied too much pressure if you

have sensitive skin use a Turkish bath

mitt made of Cocoon silk finish by

rinsing your body with lukewarm water to

close your open pores remember

exfoliating mitts are not for daily use

suggested frequency of use is every 10

days you don't need to use them any more

than this after use wash the mitts and

hang it to dry naturally our mitts

should only be used by healthy adults on

healthy skin always use a separate meat

for your body and face your mitts is a

personal product and should not be

shared with others for hygiene reasons

if you have any other health problems

that may get worse with the use of sauna

steam room or hot bath and shower

consult your doctor before use remember

that using the mitt will increase your

blood circulation and it requires some

effort always be well hydrated before


thanks for visiting natural Turkish bath

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