Can Guys Tell If You're Faking It? | DIVIDED

if they seem like they're not a virgin

and that they haven't been waiting many

many years between one sexual activity

to another one then damn I got it like

that and but let's not do this and make

this a habit I don't have the last five

hours also please don't I get a certain

point it stops feeling good right up

there like nine ten minute mark there

like sensitive afterwards you can tell

oh I can smell out a faker

I feel like I could as a young you I

don't I was in college the people next

to me you could always tell she was

faking too many noises like come on at

some point we all faked it because we

just want to get it over with

like if you just hear sounds and you

don't feel that around ya then that

didn't happen I mean back hair

definitely chest hair is negotiable if

it's not too crazy but I would prefer

someone that was smooth stubble is fine

hopefully it's soft beards are okay if

properly trimmed I think actually like

completely clean shaven is sort of

sometimes freaky if you want to grind

anywhere on me you need to keep it


otherwise I might as well just be

rubbing my penis on like a 40 year old

man's stubble you know I mean it's going

to hurt like that's what it is

equivalent to I prefer as trimmed as

possible like I get it sometimes you

don't have time to shave down there I

wouldn't want to do it

but I wouldn't be actively against it

oh you definitely want to put extra

towels down and if it's if it's like

cramp period time then definitely not

it's just like Netflix chill chokolate I

scream fetal position and spoon I don't

mind it

like I'm not saying like I'm like after

it to like become more youthful that's

not why I look this young wait is that a

thing like there's like period facials I

think I guess you're having sex and

you're not having getting a facial

you're fine I don't feel less of a man

using like a vibrator for her you don't

I mean I just pretend that I'm like part

it's I'm doing this in the future when I

go on a date and I think there's a high

likelihood that I'm going to have sex

I will bring a vibrator with me I said

you're safe and you leave the door no

matter what I'm coming tonight

yeah I would say I notice do I care I'd

say do you look oh sorry I just

interrupt I'm very curious about balls

you know those balls that's because

that's kind of underneath and let's talk

about yeah I mean I'm gonna see them I

think that there's like a conversation

in the community around circumcised

versus uncircumcised and you almost

can't tell when it's hard but you

definitely obviously can tell when it's

not if I really like someone and I'm

attractive and it probably doesn't

matter but if I'm on the fence Ben's on

how far'd out it's cut let's just be

honest in this room the word beef herds

is thrown around a lot I've never heard

that in my life I heard a Nikki Glaser

refer to her vagina as a hastily packed

suitcase that was a very good way to put

it into the day it's kind of like a

circumcised uncircumcised dick it

doesn't really matter because when

you're having sex at all feels the same

no when you're eating it's a little bit

no sorry yeah see that's why it gets to

it I think is called a vampire facial

actually is what it's yeah it's

disgusting we learned about me curtain I

feel really bad about saying that people

have talked about it talked about meat

curtains I urge you PSA that's what

we're here for

if someone is I got a hook like does

that help does it give him like an

advantage yeah for sure