NitroPanel - Portable Floor System Wood Athletic Flooring

the action nitrile panel portable sport

floor systems are innovative new floor

systems consisting of precision

interlocking panels that easily assemble

and disassemble the action nitro panel

is constructed of premium materials for

maximum strength and durability with

unmatched quality for performance design

integrity durability and ease of

assembly FIBA certified this

internationally accepted portable floor

system meets or exceeds the needs for

amateur international and professional

applications the nitro panel subfloor

sleepers are manufactured from laminated

veneer lumber or lvl which is stronger

and straighter with none of the twists

or bows common to SPF or softwood lumber

the nitro panel subfloor deck is made of

15 thirty-second inch or 12 millimeter 4

ply hardwood plywood this high-quality

plywood provides superior strength

stability and uniformity as a platform

for the maple sports floor surface when

compared with OSB the four-sided

integral milled composite tongue and

groove system assure surface uniformity

and precise alignment unique to portable

sport floor systems the concealed steel

assembly brackets are laser-cut and

precision formed for ease of assembly

and accurate panel alignment stronger

and more durable than conventional

designs the custom engineered nitro

panel brackets are anchored both

vertically and horizontally not just

through the sleepers

specially engineered tapered steel

assembly pins secure the panels together

and are quick and easy to install and to

remove the long length maple surface

with expansion ridge technology

accommodates expansion incrementally

from board to board while the long

length flooring adds to the system

strength and uniformity action floors

maple flooring is milled and graded in

accordance to MFM a grading rules and is

MFM a grade marked and stamped all nitro

panels are precision fabricated and

machined for ease of assembly and to

maximize the floors aesthetic appearance

the industry leader in panel weight for

a premium portable floor system allows

for easier assembly resulting in less

installer fatigue the nitro panel FC

pheeba certified performance option

delivers unmatched playability

uniformity shock absorption and design

integrity action nitro panel sports

floor systems designed to exceed the

evolving expectations of today's

athletes built to meet the needs of

discriminating facility managers action

nitrile panel sports floor systems are

sanded finished and your selected

graphics are applied in our

environmentally controlled manufacturing

facility move panels carefully from the

storage area taking care to protect the

panel edges from damage during


when using forklifts care must be taken

to ensure that the lift provides proper

width and length to support the panel's

all nitro panel system panels are

identified by panel number and roll

system assembly begins with panel a one

being set at the designated starting


place panel a2 at the end of a1 making

sure that panels are properly engaged

and aligned follow the same procedure

for the remainder of row a panels with

b1 secured place panel b2 at a 45 degree

angle to panel b1 secured with a steel

assembly pin and rotate in two panels a

1 and a 2 and secured with a steel

assembly pin at opposite bracket

continue this procedure to assemble the

balance of all subsequent rows taking

care not to strike the flooring edges as

this will damage the floor panels check

each of the first five rows for

straightness using the dry line prior to

disassembly remove all debris from the

floor system pull steel pins using these

specially designed tools provided

disengage and separate panels taking

care not to damage maple floor edges or

composite tongue-and-groove materials

place protective sheet on panel face

disassembly is done in reverse order of

assembly and each row is stacked

separately place the system panels face

to face with a protective sheet between

the panel faces

clean the floor after installation and

prior to storage wipe up spills and any

moisture on the floor surface

immediately to prevent stains never use

household cleaning products or

procedures as they can be harmful to the

floors finish the floor system must be

protected at all times from contact with

moisture and excessive relative humidity

the floor system must be stored indoors

in a protected dry area under

temperature and relative humidity

conditions that approximate the

conditions of the assembled area thank

you for viewing this presentation of

action floors nitrile panel portable

sport floor systems the most advanced

portable sports floor systems available

today no other portable sports floor

systems are designed engineered and

manufactured for maximum playability

durability and effortless portability

when you need a portable sport floor one

that's easy to install easy to maintain

and one with unsurpassed quality of fit

and finish the choice is an easy one the

nitrile panel portable sport floor

systems buy action floors