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really jump into what today's video is

going to be about and that's video to

begin with what is video typically used

for in baseball to me it serves three

main roles at least in collegiate and

professional baseball the first is for

player development the second is for

helping coaches and players analyze past

performance and the third is for game

preparation ok scouting

what your development can mean a lot of

things it can mean creating a video

database to see changes over time of

whatever you may be training it can mean

purchasing expensive equipment and

working on pitch design or simply taking

videos with your phone and talking about

athletes and mechanics this is all

simple stuff that can be done pretty

much by any coach anywhere and typically

the goal of this is pretty simple to get

guys better X is going to be video used

for analyzing past performance at the

collegiate and professional level

basically every single game is going to

be tagged through a software called

bands this produces cut up game footage

that enables players and coaches to go

back and see different events that may

have taken place on the field during

that game or the entire season if you're

looking for a way to get your foot in

the door and professional baseball this

is a great place to start as this

software is used by almost every major

league team and throughout most of their

affiliates that means that there are

over a hundred jobs simply Manning this

software across all

levels of each organizations video

Department oh yeah and this type of

video is also utilized with the end goal

of getting get has better lastly is our

scouting systems we talked about this in

a previous video but our scouting

reports are what prepare us to expose

our opponent's weaknesses employ our own

strengths that information however is

gathered through a video software named

synergy at least at the collegiate level

we will talk more about that in a minute

but even though we aren't talking about

improving our own gas we are now talking

about finding ways to make our guys more

successful which at the end of the day

is about making our guys better so if

all of this video technology is out

there and its end goal is to make guys

better and it's heavily used throughout

almost all levels of professional and

collegiate baseball this must be pretty

important right yes absolutely so let's

talk a little bit more about all three

of these areas in more detail first we

will focus on player development like I

said before this could mean utilizing an

edge atonic camera rep setter now has a

new high-speed camera out as well but it

doesn't have to be new and fancy you

could also get a lot of similar work

done by utilizing your phone or on a

more budget-friendly option than the

edge' tronic or rap Soto camera such as

the Sony rx100 mark 4 this is a camera I

haven't personally gotten a chance to

use yet but through interacting with all

of you guys I've heard that it's a

pretty great option good really think of

utilizing video in this way as a mirror

you begin to paint a picture of your

current self and you're working on what

you'd like to see within your future

self the other benefit of this

technology is that some guys are visual

learners so impairing this technology

with others such as rap soda we begin to

attack each guy's brain from so many

different angles to help achieve our

desired result because at the end of the

day everyone learns differently in it's

our job as coaches to figure out what

works best for our guys not always

necessarily what has worked best for us

in the past next we will talk about the

video tech that is out there to analyze

past performance like I said earlier the

most popular video tagging software in

the game is a software called bats let's

talk a little more about how this

software works so during every game or

scrimmage live set whatever you'd like

to capture you set up cameras around the

stadium that

towards the game from several different

engines then during the game one person

will sit on the software on a laptop

basically keeping your typical book this

includes inputting things like pitch

type pitch speed batter action than

results of the play for every single

play that occurs on the field on top of

that there's a start and stop button

that that person will click at the

beginning and end of every pitch after

the game is over the cameras are then

collected in the film was lined up and

cut to those marks that allows anybody

with access to the software to go back

and watch the game in a fraction of the

time on top of that you could also apply

certain filters to bring up certain

videos of different guys different

matchups all of one guys swing and

misses or just cruise through a full

game at a rapid pace like I said earlier

there are hundreds of jobs out there in

professional baseball simply Manning

this exact software for me this was one

of my main responsibilities when I was

at Iowa as well as the time I spent with

the ORS

I've probably logged including different

scrimmages and other things close to

over 400 games at this point in time on

this software so hopefully that gives

you an idea of how heavily this software

is used lastly let's talk about scouting

reports so we spoke in a previous video

about a software called synergy that

allows us to extract data and enter it

into our templates in order to aid in

the end goal of having a successful day

on the field come game day that is only

half of what that software is actually

made for on top of the massive amounts

of data were able to come through we are

also able to sort for almost anything

you'd like to see out of a guy and watch

a video of those occurrences in his

previous game appearances so on top of

our scouting report we have a notes

section for things we've seen on video

take a look at things like how quick a

picture is to the plate if they're

tipping their pitches and even break

down what holes a guy may have in a

swing based on his mechanics we then jot

those notes down into our template and

utilize all of that information on game

day so those are the three main areas

that video is utilized for in today's

game to me it can be broken down further

into three simple words improve review

and prepare the best part is you don't

need any fancy software or equipment to

get some of these things done all of us

have a high quality video camera in our

pockets now

so you can record a guy's mechanics and

speak to them about improving their game

you can videotape your own games and

scroll through it at your leisure

without any fancy software and if you

want to pick up tendencies on other

teams go and watch them or find a way to

see their games online

my point is video plays an essential

role across all levels of modern

baseball it could take several different

forms but it has one end goal of getting

guys better and through that hopefully

translating two more wins but that's all

I've got for you today thanks for

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