Steven Universe | Really Unhealthy Pancake Breakfast | Together Breakfast | Cartoon Network


garnet amethyst 1 2 3

warpin Oh guess they're still out saving

the world you are out of control



that thing's too good for me to eat


it's a together breakfast oh Gordon

perfect check it out it's not exactly

healthy but it's in a stack so I guess

you could say it's a balanced breakfast

you know like I made a soul breakfast

I thought we get it together like pick

my spots I can't stay there's business

to attend to inside the temple


I have to burn this cool oh I have to

burn this to store open door never walk

when I need it


oh I totally got you you should have

seen the look on your face oh I knew it

was you

wow that's a water gun and I'm not dog

you got something on your shirt


hey that's my door Oh amethyst there you


care to explain what one of my swords

was doing in your room having a sword

party oh please you took it

I did not it's fine it's in the past I

forgive you

also I cleaned up your awful awful mess

you're welcome

you did what I have a system what's the

matter Steven I want us all to have

breakfast together so I made together

breakfast what everyone keeps leaving oh

that's nice oh no not you too

I can't live as we come together brunch