Baseball Explained in 5 Minutes

hey everyone this is Phil Abner from

video school online.com and today we are

going to be looking at how baseball

works and this is part of a complete

course diving into how to watch baseball

and how to become a fan of baseball and

everything you need to know about how

baseball works but this is just a quick

overview and it might get a little crazy

but let's get straight to it okay so the

basic premise of the game is that you

have two teams that each have nine

players and whoever scores the most runs

wins so runs are like points how is it

set up well the defense plays out in the

field and they are situated in the field

like so now they can move around a

little bit but this is basically where

they stand

you have your outfielders in the

outfield left field center field right

field then you have your players in the

infield so first base second base third

base and shortstop in the middle between

third base and second base so that's

another good point is that this is first

base this is second base this is third

base and this is home plate okay so now

that's the defense the offense one at a

time they go up to the plate home plate

and they are trying to bat they are

trying to hit the ball into the field

and they are trying to get on base so if

they hit the ball say they hit the ball

into the field they are able to run to

first base okay so they have to run to

first base touch first base and then

only after they touch first base they

can run to second base and then after

they touch second base to third after

they touch third base they can go home

and if they get all the way to home they

score a run or a point

eh but it's not so easy because while

you're hitting the ball into the

outfield well first of all the pitcher

is throwing 95 to 100 mile-per-hour

fastballs past you and it's really hard

to to hit

they throw balls that curve that spin

that dip duck fly curry do crazy things

so it's first of all it's hard to hit

the ball so they're trying to get you

out and if they get the ball past you at

the right spot or you swing and miss

three times that's an out but say you do

hit it in the outfield the players are

trying to catch the ball and then throw

it to first base before you get there or

to whatever base that you are going to

to and they're trying to get the ball

there before you so either they get the

ball to the base before you or they tag

you with the ball so if they have the

ball in their glove or in their hand

they can tag you with it and you are out

now there's lots of different rules that

go into this and there's different ways

of getting people out and it's not

always the case that they just have to

get the ball to the base before you and

then there will be being out but that's

going into too much detail for this

quick overview so meanwhile the defense

is trying to get you out and if they get

three outs then that means they get to

go up to bat and they get to try to hit

and score runs okay so that's basically

the premise of baseball the sport now

let's talk about the game for a minute

the game is divided into nine innings

okay so you have one two three four five

six seven eight and nine nine innings

they're basically like periods

it's just segmenting the game in a way

that makes sense and in each inning

there are two hats one where the offense

is on or one where one team is on

offense and the other where the other

is on offense it changes from one inning

one happening to the next happening when

one team the team that's on defense gets

three out okay and until they get three

outs your team can bat and get on base

get hit and score runs at the end of the

game the score is tallied and whoever

has more runs wins the game if the game

is tied after nine innings you keep

playing until whoever scores more at the

end of a full inning wins alright now

for those of you who know baseball you

know there's a lot more rules that

basically erase everything I just said

or there addendums and different

situations that change everything but

this is the basics of baseball I hope

you enjoyed this chalkboard lesson if

you want more of this and you want to

dive deeper into the sport of baseball

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