What I Look For In a BBT Thermometer | Choosing Your First One

hey guys is Victoria and welcome back to

some head today I want to talk about

thermometers thermometers are horrible

doug sirmons idioms are all servomotors

i want to talk about the difference

between thermometers and how to know if

your thermometer is broken possibly

finding a new thermometer or how to

choose a thermometer in the first place

when I started trading I started

charting with this thermometer it's I

got it from Target and this was my

thermometer that I used for years and

years and it worked really well until

recently and then I started doing

research and I found out that this

thermometer is kind of notorious for

choosing temperatures all right enough

that's a thing but that's what people

said it got to the point where I had one

of two temperatures every single morning

I knew that I had much more of a variety

in temperatures that you can have two or

three days of the same temperature in a

row and I don't think much of it but

when it's it when two weeks of one of

two temperatures I'm like Katniss's does

not seem right and so I started looking

into it I was like I was going to get a

new thermometer if you're new to

choosing a thermometer and you want to

start turning there are awesome

thermometers out there you know

technology is amazing thing we've come a

long way but you don't have to spend a

ton of money you can go to your local

drug store or a store like Target

Walmart something like that and pick up

a thermometer for under ten dollars that

will be perfect the one thing that I

always tell people when they're trying

when they're first choosing a

thermometer is you want it to be labeled

as a basal thermometer or a basal body

thermometer basal thermometers are more

accurate if any of you out there chart

you know that your temperature - like

the tenth of a degree matters and so you

don't want something that isn't as

sensitive or accurate so these are

actually two thermometers that I pulled

out of our like medicine cabinet and

these are just generic normal

thermometers when you think you might

have a fever or something and you don't

want to use any old thermometer to chart

this is my Daisy I've had I've used it

for years now I want to say and I love

it I think it's great I love that this

option is out there and a lot of people

love the Daisy and I love the daisy and

there are other other nice timers like

this as well but if you're like I can't

afford that


I mean I can't chart of course we can

chart this one is I think it was eight

or nine dollars from Target and then

this is the one I actually got just last

week it was eight dollars from Walmart

and I've been using it for about a week

now I am back to having a range of

temperatures from my you know to

temperature scenario that I have at this


so I'm saying here is most people come

forward an $8 or $10 thermometer and so

don't let the price of a thermometer

stop you or think you need a fancier one

then you actually need to get yourself a

drugstore thermometer just make sure is

the basal thermometer people always ask

me ejections for what type of

thermometer they should get my biggest

tip ulation when choosing a basal

thermometer is the beep when you're done

taking your temperature I don't have

with me right now but I have a basal

thermometer that it was this like shock

your soul out of slumber and it was too

loud and too just obnoxious for the

morning time let's do an example real


your Achilles tendinopathy fancy if

you're new to charting look up a diagram

on the internet or somewhere of like

where you're supposed to take your

temperature in your mouth you want to

find your what it's called your hot

pocket what's this thing called oh of

your tongue anyways we want to choose

one side of that I always go to this the

right side tuck it in that pocket keep

it consistently in that same spot every

single time to take my temperature

consistency is key with the fertility

awareness method and anytime you're

taking your temperature regardless of

what method it is actually yeah I get a

lot of questions all the time about what

what thermometer to choose you can go on

Amazon or you can order them online just

make sure that you're a basal

thermometer and it doesn't have to be

expensive they start out at like a

couple dollars like eight dollars and

they can go all the way up to a couple

hundred dollars all right guys that is

what I have to say about thermometers

right now this is the current one I'm

using to rely on and I'm pretty happy

with it so far I haven't had any issues

thank you so much for watching and I'll

see you guys in the next video bye