Become a Bartender - The Bar Set-Up

hey there how you doing Dave all right

the rollbar man here today or tonight I

should say we're going to jump behind

the bar I'm gonna show you the bar setup

what you need to do to open the bar to

close the bar so you have a good idea of

what you're supposed to do and all the

components back here so you're familiar

with what it's like to work behind a bar

let's do it so one of the things you

need to know before we get started is

that every bar is different all right no

one does it the same there's thousands

and thousands of bars everyone has

different stuff back here different

cocktails they're making and just a

different way of doing things so I'm

going to show you some fundamentals and

basics of the way we do it and just know

it's gonna be generally the same but

every bar is different one of the main

challenges we have is fitting everything

back here we want plenty of room out

there for the guests so back here it's

very narrow and you have to kind of slip

and slide between with the other

bartenders and we you have to fit the

alcohol all the back up alcohol to stock

we have to fit the fruit the glassware

it's a big challenge to fit everything

back here now I want to talk about the

bar setup and everything back here

inside the real bar course on the

resource page there is a checklist a

closing and opening checklist for

bartenders that has all the lists on

there of everything you might need to

know which is a big advantage to you

when you start working in a bar because

you can see exactly what needs to be

done and you can jump in and help out G

need more ice can I change this for you

do we need to stock anything and they'll

be very impressed that you know what

needs to happen with it with the side

work so here we go I'm just gonna hold

the camera here I'm gonna move through

the bar here's the view from the bar out

to the restaurant and bar area so I'm

just gonna move from right to left here

if we go straight down here's where we

keep a lot of our condiments cherries

all sorts of your bitters that's on the

little platform right next to the main

well now when I say main well sorry

there's not much room back there there's

as far as I can back up and I apologize

for my voice to have a little cold going

on this is the main well the main

is where you're gonna pour your most

popular liquors and the well liquor is

the cheapest liquor in the house so on

people just ordered a vodka soda or

whiskey ginger you're just pouring the

cheapest brand you can see most of those

there on the right are the wells call

liquors are kind of mid-range liquors

that's like Jameson and Jack Daniels

there we keep that in the well because

we pour a ton of it and as we move down

here there's a middle rail those are a

lot of those more popular ones and then

you'll see right on top here you see

these little nipples on here we put

those on at the end of the night so

fruit flies do not get into the bottle

so and you'll see like this little pour

spout has a little cap right on top jus

has a little hat so we can actually flip

that one on top and the fruit flies

don't get in so we don't put a nipple on

that one but you'll see all the nipples

are on there some bars have those some

don't if not a lot of times we'll just

put saran wrap over the top you need to

make sure we're doing this because fruit

flies get in there and ruin the liquor

moving over here really quick before I

move on so this is the main well there's

usually match right here where the

server's will pick up their drinks so

we'll make the drinks here there's where

the bartender's are working out of we'll

set the bar the server drinks right

there so they can pick them up and it

gets really busy we drop this down it's

like a big swinging door and then it

looks like this and that's where they're

gonna pick up their drinks and so we'll

put that down when we get a lot of

drinks loaded up I'm going to swing

around really quick here to the printer

this is the POS system that's where the

tickets print up for the server's

they'll put them in other POS systems

throughout the restaurant it'll print up

there we'll grab the ticket we'll put it

over here and then we'll go ahead and

make the drinks and put them up there so

that's the the server well right there

and then we're not done with the main

well here so let's talk about this

really quick what are your main things

on your checklist is fill the ice bins

in the morning if you're opening or burn

the ice at the other night meaning

you're gonna dump a bunch of hot water

in there melt all the ice

make sure there's no broken glass or any

other debris and make sure you clean it

out so it's nice and cleaning there

here's one thing this is a health code

violation you can't have the ice scoop

right in the ice

I would say most bars probably just

leave it in there anyway but just know

technically that's supposed to be up

high it's a health code violation you

can see they have a juice in there we

have a grapefruit juice

we have grenadine on the back right for

like Shirley temple's and then we have

Rose's lime juice that's a good one for

kamikazes and then let's talk about the

gun really quick so on the gun again

different bars have different things on

their gun you can see most of sodas are

on that so you can pour sodas and then

mixers Jack and Coke Seagram's them

sprite you can see there's soda water

there are people like bubbly soda a lot

of times ginger ale the Q stands for

quinine quinine is another word for time

so people order gin and tonic you're

using the Q then we even have juices on

there we have cranberry juice we have

lemonade we even have sweet and sour on

they're not as fresh and some bars but

we're a basic sports bar so we have a

run on the gun we even have iced tea on

there and then bottom left we have

orange juice so some bars do fresh juice

we pour it right out of the gun we pour

speed rail because we get very busy so

that's the main gun right there then

moving up you can see these Tito's mats

right here I can back up a little bit

there all along the rail I'm sure you I

seen them before don't have them all set

up we've closed down but I set up a few

of them just so you can see so we put

the glassware up here when we make

drinks put that up there scoop ice in

there we pour the drink the the purpose

of these mats is to catch all the liquid

drop it into there so it doesn't drain

into the ice if there's no mats there it

just drips down right into the ice very

gross so you've probably seen these

before and it also keeps the glasses

from slipping off if this rail gets

really wet and it's just on the metal

under here the glass would literally

start sliding around so it's good for

traction as well up higher here I just

have a few things we have coasters on

there you'll make sure your holes using

a coaster we've got the straw in there

with the napkins in there you can use

quickly straws are actually being

banished in California here and then we

have our fruit this is how we do it we

have little jars in here there's our

olives and oranges

we actually have more than this we have

onions we have all sorts of fruit but

this is one of our main setups here we

can grab fruit quickly we usually have

one set up over on the server well - so

the server's can grab fruit over there

now let's move on to the sink really

quick this is the basic three tubs sink

right here we have a dishwasher which is

heaven-sent a lot of places do not have

a dishwasher what they'll have is they

have these three bins and in the left

one down here they'll have a three-prong

machine that spins and has brushes on


here's a picture of it right here so you

can see that and what that does is when

you plug it in and spin it it spins

really fast and you fill this up with

soapy water and then you move the glass

up and down on the brush and it cleans

it the second bin will have sanitized

water in there I have like a sanitized

cleaner and then the last bin will just

be water and you can rinse it off and

then you usually have rubber mats right

here we can put the glassware on there

and it will dry and you put it away it's

a big pain in the ass but it's still

actually rather popular and a lot of

bars that they don't have a dishwasher

and then earlier you heard me mention

the problems of storage behind the bar

we keep our backup liquor down here a

lot of times they'll keep it in a

doghouse they call it which is shelves

people do this differently in another

bar but we we actually have a book milk

crates and you can see we have two

backup liquors there that we can just

grab really quick so we don't have to go

clear to storage we have quite a few of

them under there and then underneath

here this is this is fairly common is

you have a bus stop down there so you

can grab dishes off the bar when people

are done eating you're just throwing

into the bus stop hopefully your bar

back is good and they will empty that

back in the kitchen and then they'll

bring back a bus tub so you don't have

to constantly run back to the kitchen so

it's good to have a bus stop underneath

there that's all of our backup

that we keep stocked now I'm going to

turn around here and go over the back

shelf so you can see all of our

glassware back there

we have wines over here with bucket

glasses we have shot glasses

we have rocks glasses all lined up here

we have our red wine we only have we

only have about 12 or 13 wine so wit red

wine here red wine here and then down in

the cooler

we have white wines we have some beers

all down there we have our ginger beer

more chilled glasses so there's all of

our chilled glasses so all of this we

have martini glasses in the back more

wine glasses over here a challenge of

finding where the glassware should go

moving along we have our draught beers

here we only have nine on tap some bars

will have 100 beers on tap so we have

dine here that's our beer tower we have

a grapefruit juice squeezer right here

as well as our you know ever cheap one

in the well but this is for fresh grape

fruits for Greyhounds vodka and

grapefruit juice people really love

those and then we come to the reach-in

coolers which you can use for different

things we store a lot of our juices and

mixers back here as well as some of the

chilled liquors like fireball and Jagger

we chill our patron as well so we keep

that down here we also have bottled beer

there's our line house down there we

keep that chilled at the end of the

night a lot of our bottles there's

another region all down here so

different different chill things will go

into the reach-in you also saw the beer

the coverage down here they're not

covered the other beer cooler reaching

down there and then we have a far wall

down here that we can also use on busy

nights so the main wells at the other

end that's where you're going to make

drinks for guests and for the server

down here is a second well that another

bartender could work at and then you can

help people with drinks right here so

the bartenders aren't banging into each

other again we have a gun down here as

well now we're going to move all the way

down the end here we have our


dishwasher this is very simple you

simply open it up you have a few glasses

in here at the end of the night put the

glasses in there once it's full you just

close it

you hit the start button and it takes

about 60 seconds and it washes on the

glasses and then you can go put them

away you want to make sure that you let

the glasses cool you don't want to grab

a hot glass put ice in it especially

pint glasses and try to fill it with

liquid they can crack very easily and

then I kind of swept by this these are

sugar and salt caddies which we also

saran wrap at the other night so the no

bugs get in there and we set these up

and we usually just Rim a glass with

with a lime half and then we'll dip it

in there a lot of the caddies you'll see

will have it have another circular one

of these and I'll have a black sponge in

there and you can put some Rose's lime

juice or something in there and then

you'll tap the martini glass to get it

wet and then you'll tap it into one of


we just Rim the glass and tap it

straight into there

to rim our glasses moving to the very

end of the bar we have more liquors up

here these are liqueurs and cordials

mostly that we don't use as much but we

can grab those and then again you got

more glassware storage which is one of

the biggest challenges there's all of

our Moscow Mule mugs our beer pitchers

up there

a lot of our tools we keep here we have

our giant big-ass mule the cups which

people love that serves about four

people there's nine shots in there and

then up here and you know if you've ever

heard the term top shelf these are on

their higher shelf and it's more premium

liquor I've heard they're up here custom

egos custom doors not extremely high-end

but in our area you know these are you

know 10 to 12 bucks a shot and if you

get to Cazadores and I'm sorry not

Cazadores clase Azul

and Don Julio 1942 those are a little

bit higher end we sell those for twenty

and twenty-five dollars a shot and again

all this is kind of top-shelf stuff up

here it's called top shelf because it's

the premium stuff so let's talk quickly

finishing up with the opening and

closing side work duties like I said on

the resource page of the real bar course

I have the whole opening and closing

checklist for you so you can go through

all that and learn it all and understand

it I'm just gonna touch really quickly

in general the opening bartender is

responsible for cutting fruit or juicing

which sucks but it's a trade-off they

have to do that cut

the fruit the closing crew has to clean

up the mess from the entire day which is

also a pain in the ass so it's a bit of

a trade-off so in the morning you're

coming in you're cutting fruit filling

the ice bins getting the lighting set

turning TV's on getting the jukebox set

making sure the tables are all set if

everything's stocked it should have been

stocked the night before but if it's not

make sure everything's stocked you got

silverware so you're just making sure

everything's set up for the night crew

let's talk about back here what needs to

be done

let me I'm gonna flip the camera around

and show you everything again in very

simple terms everything needs to be

taken and cleared to the dishwasher

normally this is just a mess maybe I'll

get a shot of end of the night and what

it looks like at some point here but

they'll be tools and class wear and

shakers and all this stuff needs to go

straight over to the dishwasher and

washed and put away then everything

needs to be wiped down nothing pisses me

off more as a manager then when I come

in in the morning and there's just

sticky stuff with stainless steel and

wood topping you can actually run your

hand across everything and feel if

there's any stickiness there's no excuse

for any stickiness we're literally

wiping everything down including the

soda guns wiping the hose because it

gets really sticky make sure we take off

the little end part here this comes off

and wiping everything down so there's no

stickiness anywhere we're taking the

mats off we're taking them to the

dishwasher or washing them everything

must go when we use this juicer we have

to take out the juicer inside and go

take it to the dishwasher the beer taps

not everyone has these but they should

we have these little brushes so we stick

them right up into the nozzle of the

beer fountain and that keeps any fruit

flies from getting in there as well and

then it once again it's just stainless

steel its bar top its wipe wipe wipe

now down here at the bottom you can see

these floor mats these floor mats are

great when you bartend a lot because

they're rubber and they keep you from

killing your back and went being on your

feet all night it really helps they're

kind of patted what they're they're

really for also is to keep it from being

slippery back here you can see they have

little holes in them

in case there's any liquid that falls

it'll go down to the bottom and so it

doesn't get too slippery and at the end

of the night these need to be dragged

out and washed and bars differ on this

some bars will have their bartenders

drag them out and rinse them off some

places off a cleaning crew we have a

cleaning crew so we don't have to do it

at the end of the night we have someone

come in take them out they wash them

they do all of our floors so we don't

have to worry about any of it but one of

the things that definitely needs to be

done at the end of these floor mats need

to be clean because it gets sticky back

here and they'll get smelly and

fermented and then there's a few other

miscellaneous things like putting liners

in the trash can locking the beer cooler

locking the doors turning the lights off

turning the juke box off anything else

is on that checklist again inside the

real bar course on the resource page I

have that big checklist on there so you

make sure you can see exactly what

you're supposed to do depending on the

bar you work in and then you also need

to go to your POS system count your

drawer count your money into your credit

card tips make sure the drawer is

counted down to where it's supposed to

be we keep ours at $500 print out your

sales report give that all of the

manager and they'll take it upstairs

they'll put it all that money in the

safe and then you checked out and you're

done for the night you can clock out and

go home so that's a quick look about

what's behind the bar what some of your

opening and closing side work duties are

I didn't list them all there but it

gives you a good idea if you're really

serious about becoming a bartender you

can click in the link down below this

video check out the registration pages

see if it's open right now I hope you

learned something I hope you enjoyed it

make sure to subscribe to our YouTube

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