Balanced Diet

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life is better healthy maybe you've

heard the term balanced diet before but

what does that really mean how does this

affect our food choices and the meals we

eat our food can be broken down into

three different types carbohydrates

proteins and fats it's best to balance

foods from each group throughout the day

and even at every meal if we can a

balanced diet combining foods from all

three groups keeps our bodies running

smoothly I'm going to bring in Barbara

our nutritionist who will help explain

this balance a little more for us

macronutrients are the way us dietitians

we dietitians divide food into three

basic groups a carbohydrate is the foods

that give us energy and those come from

grains fruits and vegetables there's

even carbohydrates in milk proteins are

usually animal products but you can find

them in things like soy and beans fats

are things like oils olive oil corn oil

those are the three basic categories of

food so as a chef I'm sure we could talk

about many different types of proteins

but as a person who cooks

I think of protein as the basics right I

think of beef chicken fish there are

vegetable sources of proteins you can

find them in soy and beans are really

good examples you can actually find them

in nuts too so there's good carbs

there's bad carbs right that's true

there are good carbs and bad carbs a

good carb is one that has a lot of fiber

in it things like whole-grain breads

fruits and vegetables those are really

good choices of carbohydrates and the

bad carbs would be the more simpler

carbohydrates these are the ones that

don't have any fiber in them at all

things like soda candy even like white

pasta and refined rice I would consider

them a bad carb so let's talk fats

there's so many different kinds when

you'd eat them in moderation

give me some healthy alternatives and

ones that stay away from well in nature

there are different types of fats an

unsaturated fat is usually the better

kind and the monounsaturated fats things

like olive oil and canola oil are

probably the healthiest for your heart

an unhealthy fat would be something

that's manufactured in the factory it's

called a trans fat and what that is is

that they've hydrogenated it in that in

the factory so finally we're able to

cook I'm here in the kitchen and I'm

about to make my fully balanced healthy

breakfast for you guys so what I did

first I just took some whole-wheat toast

which is a really great carbohydrate

were you we've got some color on there

little golden brown color it's really

simple so we're just gonna spread this

almond butter right on to our

whole-wheat toast

now we're gonna close this guy and we're

just gonna really nicely cut it in half

oh man this already looks so good we're

gonna open it up like that

now in this pan I just put it simple

that's the tiniest amount of olive oil

on there give it a nice light Sheen in

the bottom of the pan so it makes it

really easy to cook an egg you don't

really want a lot of color you want to

keep it nice and white and we're gonna

set that right on top so now we're gonna

carefully slice some banana and now for

the kicker so we're gonna take a little

bit of maple syrup and we're just gonna

drizzle it really lightly over the top

it's gonna give us some great sweetness

awesome flavor and there you have it an

almond butter sandwich with a

sunny-side-up egg some sliced bananas

and some really wonderful maple syrup

Barnabas health

life is better health