Badminton court measurement | Badminton net height

hello and welcome today I am going to

discuss about measurement of badminton

ball so let get started this sidelines

shall be thirteen point four meter long

these lines are called boundary line for

singles game this line shall be five

point one eight meter long and for

doubles game this line shall be six

point one meter long outer edge of the

double side line shall be forty six

centimeter away from outer edge of the

single side line a vertical net shall be

divided the code into two equal parts

these lines are short service line and

one point nine eight meter away from the


these are center line this line divides

the code equally from the short service

line to the boundary line these are long

service line for doubles distance

between short service line and the long

service line shall be three point eight

eight meter and from boundary line it

shall be 72 centimeter all these white

lines are forty millimeter wide net post

shall be placed at the double sideline

drop of the net height at the middle of

the court shall be 1.5 to 4 meter and

near the post it shall be

1.5 pipe meter the net shall be 76

centimeter in depth net shall be in dark

color and top of the net shall be East

with a 75 millimeter wide white tip

that's all for today I hope you enjoyed

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